Charlotte Lenssen

Charlotte has been in the Health and Wellness Industry for over 15 years. Early on, she recognized the importance of finding optimal health and maintenance through a combination of modalities. She is a nationally certified Massage Therapist, specializing in Sports, Deep Tissue, Thai massage, Qigong, Lomi Lomi and Myofacial release.  In 2008, Charlotte became a certified Yoga and meditation instructor through the Chopra Center, as well as a level III Qigong Instructor through the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation.  In 2009, she founded Lotus Oasis Retreats which creates a sanctuary to integrate the body, mind and spirit in order to achieve physical and mental wellness.  She has traveled to Peru, Mexico, Bali, and within the United States to find energetically viable locations for holding retreats. She is a valuable consultant to other holistic industries, allowing for the creation and success of various retreats and events around the world.

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