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Discover How You Can Generate More Income While Empowering Women To Have Healthier Pregnancy, Labor And Postpartum Experience By Becoming A Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist.


“I believe this course could help change our birth culture… I now have the tools to teach my clients to take care of their own health and prepare effectively for their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.”
— Morgyn Danae, Certified Personal Trainer
Portland, ME, USA


Are you ready to stand apart from of the rest of the personal trainers and become seen as a leading expert in the world of perinatal fitness?


Do you want to become “The Trainer” pre & post natal clients are telling their friends and family about?


You see right now there are thousands pre & post natal clients that are desperately seeking for competent professionals that can help give them the proper guidance during this very important phase in their lives.


As of right now most pregnant women that speak with their doctors to get guidance on what to expect and what to do during their pregnancy are only given about 2% of the full picture. With our comprehensive holistic approach you’ll learn the other 98% and you’ll be able to guide your clients and give them confidence and support they are needing.


How good would that feel to able to provide that type of support and care to your clients during such a special time for them?


Also due to high chances of mechanical births (c-section and drug induced, around 33% of women experience these preventable circumstances) and struggles with infertility (1 out of 10 women in the U.S. are in danger of) there is a growing trend of women seeking Complementary Alternative Medicine. Actually 7 out 10 women are currently seeking CAM alternatives…


That is great news for trainers who are properly trained in pre & post natal corrective exercises. This means a huge potential for you to increase your income all the while filling a huge need for these women.


With our comprehensive revolutionary holistic approach to pre-post natal training you’ll get the confidence, inspiration, and motivation to fix the most common pregnancy and postpartum complaints and discomforts.  


You will be able to provide your clients with:



  • Healthier Pregnancies With Fewer Discomforts
  • Faster Recovery
  • Healthier and Better-Adapted Babies
  • Fewer Labor And Delivery Interventions
  • Healthy Weight Gain


You see our course teaches you a lot more than just how to train pre-post natal clients. With our course you you’ll also give your clients tools and techniques they can use to prepare for their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.  



What Makes Our Course More Complete Than Others


Our course differs in many ways from other pre-natal courses. First off, most other courses simply teach you the do’s and don’t when training pregnant women, that’s it.


What you learn from us goes way beyond just becoming an exercise specialist. We pride ourselves in providing you with a holistic and more complete program for you and your client.


  • You’ll be able to empower your clients with how the medical system works and how they can  achieve the birth that they want.
  • You’ll be introduced to the Five Foundations – a complete mind body approach to perinatal health.
  • You’ll know the facts regarding exercise’s role in pain relief, medical intervention and other complications and be able to pass that onto your clients.
  • You’ll dive deep into the world of hormones, cardiorespiratory, metabolism and nutrition.
  • You’ll discover why corrective exercise is the new form of responsible fitness.
  • You’ll gain revolutionary corrective exercise coaching assessment and skills that you can use with other clients not just pre-natal.
  • You’ll learn a simple yet powerful format for creating your own prenatal corrective exercise program
  • You’ll can empower you moms with a solid mental, emotional, and spiritual foundation entering the postpartum world.
  • You’ll gain a new awareness of post pregnancy weight loss.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a Live Video Call Assessment to practice what you have learned with the guidance of one of our top teachers.
  • And much much more…   



As you can see will you get more of a comprehensive approach when you join our course. And to clear things up a bit further I want to let you know who this course is for and who it’s not for…


Who Is This Course For:

This course is for personal trainers, yoga teachers, pilates instructors, health professionals who are tired of boring incomplete education. This course is for open minded individuals who want to be more progressive and want to provide their clients with a holistic approach.


Who Is This Course NOT For:

Someone who doesn’t care to provide a holistic approach. Someone who just wants to train pregnant women but doesn’t want to really understand anything else about pregnancy.



Become A Leader In The World of Perinatal Fitness


Imagine that you can give pregnant mothers the knowledge and skills to have peace of mind and confidence in their body. Imagine that you can help create an easier pregnancy for them and happier, healthier newborns.


Imagine how you would feel being able to offer this and the appreciation you’ll receive.


Do you want a professional career that is defined by this?  Would you want the network of referrals and stream of revenue that would rise from it?


You are capable of fulfilling a powerful desire for wellness that burns inside of pregnant women. Pregnant women want to get their pregnancy “right” and to have a healthy baby in a way so compelling that they are willing to make changes like they never have before.


The achievement of a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby inspires them to tell their pregnant friends who helped them; who they trusted. That person is you. This is the course that gets you there.


Learn more about the course

Often, mothers-to-be do not experience the benefits listed above, but you can help. Healthier babies come from more secure, confident and knowledgeable moms. Often, it is a secure, confident and knowledgeable wellness professional who inspires this kind of mom.

Did you know that many pregnant moms are still being taught that white crackers and soda are appropriate solutions for morning sickness, and that discontinuing exercise is the first response for preventing pregnancy complications?

What you get in this course is the truth about pre and postnatal wellness from every angle imaginable. This is not just about learning the standard pregnancy guidelines with a conventional look at exercise and nutrition. What you get in this course is the “other side” of the pre and postnatal world. This course is an investigative uncovering of the unknown and shocking issues occurring in the world of birth right now. Somewhere along the journey, you will discover exactly how to help your clients choose the fertility, birth, and delivery pathway that is right for them. You will also learn how to coach corrective exercise so that you can prevent and heal a myriad of common pregnancy complaints.

This course compares modern practices versus research on how our ancestors lived and birthed, keeping one question in mind:

Why are rates of infertility, C-sections, and infant chronic disease at all time highs and rising faster than we can seem to control? ​ These are what we call “the three trends.”

Knowing this invaluable information makes you a precious resource and enables you to earn more income while enjoying the rewarding work that you do.

One new pre or postnatal client is easily worth more than $5,000. What would you invest for the opportunity to powerfully and consistently attract dozens of them starting in just the next few hours? How about $377?

Fit For Birth is the home of hundreds of pre and postnatal professionals in more than a dozen countries around the world, and we are actively growing our curriculum to meet the needs of fitness and wellness professionals like you. Because of you, these moms can have healthier pregnancies, babies, family life and overall happiness. This impacts our world from the most foundational level possible: conception. And in turn, you get financial security and fulfillment. That’s our mission. Please join us now.

Benefits for choosing Fit For Birth’s ​Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course:

    • Completely online – Fast access to all learning materials: videos, manuals, handouts, and more. No travel or waiting necessary. Receive fast access to all future course updates, new course recordings, and updates in the field. (Periodic Live Course Opportunities)
    • Approved for continuing education credits by leaders in the wellness industry: ACE-2.6; NASM-1.9; NCSF-7; CDR-28; REPSSA-8
    • Simple testing​ – Six quizzes are submitted online. No snail-mail required and feedback is immediate. 80% passing rate required.
    • Designed for your success – Unlimited chances to take quizzes. No time-lines for necessary completion. No retesting fees ever.
    • Amazing student support and networking – Fast access to get all your questions answered by our course creators and head coaches. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.
    • Personal coaching for every student – Included in the online course is a 2-hour Video Call (VC) with a Fit For Birth Head Coach or course creator.
    • No recurring re-certification fees ever.
    • Opportunity to attend a live course for a significant discount.
    • Certificate of Completion that reads: “Pre & Pos​t Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist” along with complimenting logos and materials to use for your website and marketing.
    • No prerequisites required – Our stud​ents range from Physical Therapists to stay-at-home moms. Fit For Birth has specifically arranged the material into “novice” and “master” categories, so that you​ can cover the material that is currently most relevant for you.

Course Objectives

What makes the Fit For Birth Course different from other pre and postnatal continuing education programs?

    • Catastrophic Three Trends​ that are currently encroaching modern birth: Rising infertility, medicalized and mechanized birth, and chronic disease in infants and children.
    • History​ of how the three trends have come to be and what the current trajectory of these three trends means for the future of wellness practitioners.
    • Corrective Exercise​, not just “exercise.” We live in a world of mal-aligned people. This includes our pregnant and postpartum women. Teaching traditional exercise, which often exacerbates physical mal-alignment, is no longer the most responsible way. The time for corrective, healing exercise is now!
    • Breathing​: The foundation of birthing as well as core-activation. In this program, we teach the benefits and importance of breathing and its effects on women and their future babies’ health. And you will be an expert on coaching your client to breathe correctly.
    • Nutrition. Documentation of what our ancestors ate (as little as 100 years ago) demonstrates incredible evidence for what happens to our when poor food choices are adopted. The effects on reproduction, labor & delivery, relative ease and “dis-ease” of the child will instantly alter and simplify your nutritional consultation with your perinatal clients.
    • Stress​. In the modern world, it is not possible to consider yourself a qualified fitness or wellness professional unless you understand stress and its physical effects. This course covers stress on multiple levels and includes the general population as a comparison to our pre and postnatal women.
    • Mind-Body Connection, Imagery, and Visualization​. The quantum age has ushered in a scientific understanding concerning the power of one’s mind. We give you the opportunity to harness some of this ability within yourself and we give you the foundation for guiding your clients, if you desire to do so.
    • Actual Pre & Postnatal Women​. Watch them live (or on video in the online course), as we take multiple women through the assessment, fix their critical issues, and improve their function instantly.
    • Real Personal Guidance​ in building your confidence and selling your services via Fit For Birth’s exclusive Video Call (VC) for you and your client.
    • Real Education, Not Just a Certificate To Put On The Wall: We don’t just send you a book and ask you to submit your quizzes. Our course offers more than 16 hours of video footage from our live courses, along with two hours of personalized guidance, one on one, with a Fit For Birth Head Coach, where you can practice working with a prenatal client.
    • Pre & Postnatal Leadership, Not Just Another CEC: Fit For Birth has a growing curriculum of Pre & Post Natal Courses in development. Our team of experts is growing and so is our support system for our students. The “Find a Pre & Post Natal Coach in Your Area” feature allows our students to be found by prenatal women around the world (This feature will be launched by 2017)

What are the other course objectives?

    • Benefits of Exercise for Pregnant Moms —will astound you
    • Benefits of Exercise for the Developing Fetus —absolutely floored me when I learned about these!
    • Benefits of Exercise for Postpartum Moms
    • Preventing and Correcting common pregnancy and postpartum related issues
    • The stress link to over-training
    • How to coach one-on-one
    • How to lead group fitness
    • Common medications and surgeries used in the modern birthing world
    • The slippery slope of C-section
    • Hormonal Considerations —including an eye-opening and original look at postpartum depression
    • Cardiorespiratory Considerations —including persistent heart rate limitation myths
    • Metabolic Considerations —including insights into why overheating the fetus may be more of a modern problem than a historical one
    • The unborn infants greatest nutrient deficiency (no, its not folate)
    • Core inner unit considerations: diaphragm, transverse abdominis, pelvic floor
    • Corrective exercise concepts and skills —High level corrective practitioners have acclaimed this section as “wonderfully simplifying”
    • Muscle imbalances and alignment concepts and skills —Learn the four basic corrections that will solve the vast majority of your pregnant clients’ issues for the rest of their lives.
    • Gathering health history and evaluating the starting point
    • Movement assessments —the C.H.E.K. primal movement patterns
    • Basic prenatal and postnatal program design
    • Advanced pre and postnatal periodization concepts
    • Flexibility concepts
    • Cardiovascular training concepts
    • The Fit For Birth Method; Core Breathing Belly Training™, Functional Training, Birth Labor Training™ with Mental Imagery
    • Fat burning concepts —Get a unique holistic view on what it really takes to get your client back into “better than pre-pregnancy” shape.
    • C-Section rehabilitation
    • Episiotomy rehabilitation
    • Diastasis recti rehabilitation
    • American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines and analysis —We don’t just regurgitate the guidelines, we give you our opinion of them too.
    • Critical nutrition: Understand the grave implications of processed foods and dehydration

What to Expect Once You Join

    • After logging into your account, you will have access to footage of a live course, while following along with the Powerpoint presentation. You will also read the corresponding manuals, which expand many concepts and give further insights and clarification. As you move forward in the course, you will find quizzes to assess your comprehension.
    • All video, manuals, program designs, quizzes, and video call have been evaluated to take about 30 hours total.Time to completion is completely up to the student and typically ranges from one week to six months.
    • When you complete your final quiz, you will be prompted to schedule your personal Video Call (this is not a pass/fail event; it is an opportunity to hone your skills as a professional and is a required part of the course).
    • You receive your certificate of completion that reads: “Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist.”
    • Continuing education credits range varying upon the approving organization: ACE-2.6; NASM-1.9; NCSF-7; CDR-28; REPSSA-8
    • Re-certification requirements: none!


Section 1 Birthing in the Modern World 

Experience the past and the present so that you can empower the future. 

The Past

Experience the wildest ride through history, from politics to experiments. Gain a distinct awareness of ancient birthing practices compared with
contemporary practices.

The Impending Future

Birth Process Overview gives you a reality check of what the average birth experience is like in many modernized nations. You’ll receive an introduction to the escalating “Three Trends” in birthing: Infertility, Mechanized Childbirth, and Chronic Disease.

The Solution

Empower your understanding of how the medical system works, as well as how to help your client navigate it effectively. Eye opening to say the least, you will be able to counsel your clients to achieve the birth that they want. You’ll also be introduced to the Five Foundations – a complete mind­ body approach to perinatal health.

Critical Nutrition

Introduce yourself to the grave implications of processed foods on pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Take a succinct look at the difference between
what our ancestors ate and what we eat today, and how it is affecting our birth outcomes and the health of our unborn children.

Program Design #1

Learn through experience, starting ASAP

Section 2 Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Enlighten yourself to the astounding research-proven results of exercising while pregnant. 

Possibilities and Preparation

Understand the possibility of pregnancy in a whole new way. Learn how the average mom “trains” for the most important evnt of her life.

Research Proven Benefits

Know the facts regarding exercise’s role in pain relief, medical interventions, duration, disease, other complications, and some surprising opportunities.

Slippery Slope of C-­section

Understand specifically what your client can expect in the hospital setting. Help your natural-minded clients break the cycle.

Section 3 Common Pregnancy Considerations 

Understand pregnancy and what your clients may experience. 


Take a first look at the immediate effects of pregnancy hormones like relaxin and progesterone. Introduction to topics like: diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain, ballistic movements, and lying supine.


Take a unique look at the ACOG exercise guidelines, along with varicose veins.

Metabolism and Nutrition

Discover what the most important nutrient of the unborn child really is. Check out the current research on thermoregulation and fetal health. Dive deeper into “Foods for Pregnancy.” Get an immersion into the natural world of our ancestors and evolutionary biology. You will see documentation of how changing foods drastically affected the physical structure, robustness, and vitality of the newborn, as well as the capacity for the mother to birth. Discuss folate, prenatal vitamins, and nutritional concepts that have been proven for generations.

Quiz # 1: Sections 1, 2, & 3

Section 4 Musculoskeletal and Physiological Considerations

Discover exactly why Corrective Exercise is the new form of responsible fitness.

Diaphragm, Breathing and Stress

Understand what lies at the cause of nearly all muscle imbalances, including prenatally. Encounter the current fitness doctrine on breathing and
reconsider how you train. Receive a new look at “good” versus “bad” stress and how it affects the fetus.

Transverse Abdominis

Understand how the common fitness instructions on core and functional training are often incomplete and sometimes causing imbalance. Find out how pregnancy affects TVA and how to prevent dysfunction.

Pelvic Floor

Learn how the pelvic floor muscles are supposed to act during the birth process, and exactly how important the pelvic flor is for prenatal
alignment and function.

Quiz # 2: Section 4

Section 5 Corrective Exercise Coaching Assessment and Skills

Experience a refreshingly simple assessment process that grows with you.

Written and Movement Assessments

Learn the simplicity of the “Big 4 Imbalances and Corrections.” Receive easy to use forms for all assessments:Fit For Birth Client Intake, Fit For Birth Physician’s Consent, Movement Assessment, Cardio Assessment

Program Design #2

Learn through experience, second time around

Movement Assessments Detailed

Choose to learn the novice, the master, or both methods of assessing human movement prenatally. Receive both the simplified and the detailed
movement assessment charts.

Breathing Assessment

Assess breathing accurately, and why upright and supine breathing skills can display inconsistently in the prenatal client.

Primal Movements Assessment

Assess your clients in the patterns that really matter. There are only six unique movement patterns that your client can select in order to retrieve her soon-to-be crawling baby from the floor. Find simplicity in breaking each movement into one easy-to-use assessment that compliments your current assessment.

Cardio Assessment

Learn how to take a simple step riser or cardio machine to record simple notes that help your prenatal client see her rate of progression improve with
your training.

Quiz # 3: Section 5

Section 6  Prenatal Program Design

Discover a simple format for creating a prenatal corrective exercise program. 

Program Design fundamentals

Apply periodization and sport-specific protocols to guide your choice in exercise selection, progression, and variables. Learn what not to do with your prenatal clients! Compare functional to machine-based training. Decide how much and what kind of the more controversial modalities (like abdominal, flexibility and cardio training) are right for you and your clients.

Pregnancy Periodization

Learn the Fit For Birth Method, including specific protocols for conducting a personal or group exercise session. Understand exactly how to coach Belly training™, Functional Training and Birth Labor Training™ with Mental Imagery.

Prenatal Program Design in Practice

Gain insight by comparing programming variables for both non-pregnant and pregnant populations. Understand how to transition new prenatal clients compared to existing clients who become pregnant.

Preventing and Correcting

How to prevent or correct the following perinatal challenges: diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, sacroiliac joint dysfunction,
round ligament pain, stretch marks, varicose veins, sciatica. Understand concepts behind pregnancy exercise restrictions.

Quiz # 4: Section 6

Program Design #3

Learn through experience, now that your awareness is expanding

Section 7 Postpartum in the Modern World 

Set a solid mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual foundation for your new moms. 

Postpartum Expectations

Understand the delicate postpartum period. Set the stage for discussing your clients’ mental emotional wellbeing using an emotional guidance scale.
Understand the benefits of exercise postnatally.

Endocrine System

Understand specific hormonal roles during pregnancy and the changes that occur after delivery, including progesterone, estrogen, prolactin, oxytocin,
cortisol, thyroid, vasopressin, and relaxin.

Postpartum Depression

Discover an entirely new way of looking at Postpartum Depression after clearing up the current debates.

Misalignments and Rehabilitations

Address postpartum postural misalignments, including pelvic bones and inner unit rehabilitation. Diagnose diastasis recti.Learn rehabilitation
protocols for C­section, episiotomy, diastasis recti, over stretched TVA, and traumatized pelvic floor.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Compare suggested weight gain guidelines of the past and present, as well as within and outside the United States. Gain a new awareness regarding the
emerging trends in modern nations, as well as what is truly possible for today’s women.

Quiz # 5: Section 7

Section 8Postnatal Program Design 

Design solid postnatal programs and convey the message of whole and balanced health and  mindset for your clients.

Postpartum Dysfunction

Understand how to differentiate between your client’s ​wants ​and ​needs. Review the average client’s mindset and physical limitations and how to avoid the “postpartum nightmare.”

Postnatal Periodization

Design programs that are appropriate for two postnatal phases: the immediate 6 weeks as well as beyond the first 6 weeks. Learn the Fit For Birth Method
– Postnatal, including specific protocols for conducting a personal or group exercise session. Understand how to coach Super-Mom Training and lead Mental Imagery techniques.

Postnatal Program Design

Learn the difference between the postpartum “reconnection” phase and the “initial adaptation” phase, and further discussions on bouncing back to a better body.


Come full circle on the Five Foundation’s complete mind body approach to health. Learn how to see the “bigger picture” and convey postnatal expectations confidently to your client. Connect with your client’s often radical shift and new role in life, and envision a new standard of pre and postnatal wellness for both you and your client.

Quiz # 6: Section 8

Program Design #4

Course Completion Live Video Call Assessment 

Join with a Fit For Birth Coach to practice assessing your prenatal client.

The objective of the video call (VC) is for you, the new Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist, to improve upon your level of practical knowledge and application.

The session is not pass/fail! There are three intentions of this VC:

1.​​ To help you improve your skills as a qualified pre and postnatal professional.
2. To join with a Fit For Birth (FFB) Head Coach in finding the primary misalignments or less than optimal function in your client, and help her understand and feel the solution through corrective exercise.
3.​ To have fun and enjoy the process

What you need to bring:

● Your pre or postnatal client (Ideally, you may bring a pre or postnatal client to practice your assessment, but you are welcome to bring a friend or relative if a pre or postnatal client is not available.)
● Your preparation for leading an assessment
● ​A computer, tablet, or phone that has a reliable Internet connection and Google Hangouts or Skype capability.

There is not a “necessary” way that the two­-hour VC needs to unfold, but there is a usual format for fitness professionals. Unless discussed in advance with a FFB Head Coach, you can plan for the following:

1. Introductory get-­to­-know ­each­other discussion
2. You practice the FFB Assessment with your client one time through in a “non­coaching” manner.
3. You join with the FFB Coach in explaining major findings to the client and why making change is important.
4. The FFB Coach (and you) coach a brief corrective exercise sequence to see if the client can jumpstart the deficient area.
5. The FFB Coach (and you) practice coaching the client how to perform with greater function, with the intention that the client feels the difference between her body before and after.
6. Questions between you and head coach can be addressed in private at the end, after the client’s role is completed.

The session is designed to have you practice assessing, training, and inspiring your prenatal or postnatal clients to understand the importance of training with you. This is a great opportunity for you to practice “selling” the impact of your services as a pre and postnatal professional.

Not only will you experience how a Fit For Birth Head Coach performs an assessment, but the client will be gently coached as to how ​ your ​corrective exercise awareness makes you the obvious candidate to perform this service. Please expect for you and your client to spend two hours during this VC session. Typically, the client is needed about 15 minutes after the session begins.


For Only $397

You can also receive education from our course. We are accredited by the top certifying industry leaders:


Here Is What Others Who’ve Joined This Course Have To Say


“This course far exceeded my highest expectations…changed my approach to training ALL clients, not just pre-post natal.”

“I am a holistic health coach and wanted a course that was going to approach pre-post natal pregnancy training with a comprehensive understanding of the body. Other certifications seemed to have an out of date, rigid approach to training. Fit for Birth’s approach is constantly staying current, aware that the science is always being updated and training women in a way that is suitable for their body type and lifestyle. My specific goal was to learn how to safely train a pre-post natal body. This course far exceeded my highest expectations. The content from this course has changed my approach to training ALL clients, not just pre-post natal. The concepts taught in the course are transferable to everyone.”

Joanie Johnson Rubin
Holistic Health Coach & Certified Personal Trainer
Brooklyn, NY USA


“Midway through this course I was able to help my parents improve their breathing and deep squat, all from a course dedicated to the pregnant client! “

“This course has really been an amazing experience! The amount of detail and resources provided is amazing. I have so many books to read to help me expand my knowledge on various subjects from pregnant women to water intake to corrective exercise. Midway through this course I was able to help my parents improve their breathing and deep squat, all from a course dedicated to the pregnant client! The ability to apply these concepts to a wide array of clients is valuable beyond belief. This course is a must for all trainers because it goes so much deeper than the pregnant client, it’s for ALL human beings! THANK YOU”

Brian L. Morris
Certified Personal Trainer
Rowlett, TX, USA


“I believe this course could help to change our birth culture. As a massage therapist and personal trainer, I now have the tools to teach my clients to take care of their own health and prepare effectively for their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. I can also now address issues like \’diastasis recti\’ which many clients have suffered from with no support or tools to deal with or heal it. This course educates about the challenges of modern birth but also empowers the students to see that natural birth can be prepared for. It provides tools to move forward to implement positive changes.”

Morgyn Danae
Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Bellydance Instructor
Portland, ME, USA


I found the breathing assessment and exercises to be most useful.  I always taught patients to avoid valsalva maneuver through nose and mouth breathing, but never how to strengthen the core through the diaphragm, as I was too focused on the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor.  However, having clients perform active exercises with the “belly pumping” technique along with diaphragmatic breathing is a great way to strengthen the core.  James coached me through the most effective way to teach this skill and it is something that I will be applying to all my patients in my practice going forward.

Sean Santagato PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
West Caldwell, NJ


“I feel so empowered, informed and aware of my potential as a pregnant women and a fitness professional..”

I spent the last 3 full days immersed in this absolutely incredible WHOLE-istic and comprehensive program! I feel so empowered, informed and aware of my potential as a pregnant women and a fitness professional! I cannot wait to help spread this concept to other women! There is truly nothing like this out there, combining the physical and mental/emotional health of the mother and baby! I have already implemented into my pregnancy and I am SO excited to share it with pre and post natal women!

Danielle Hebert


“I was delighted with how much I learned about pregnancy and childbirth that I hadn’t considered before.”

This was an excellent course. The materials were so informative and presented in a way that was easy to understand. The lecture videos were really helpful as well. I’m not usually a person who can sit and watch videos but James is a great teacher and his explanations helped keep me engaged in the material. I was delighted with how much I learned about pregnancy and childbirth that I hadn’t considered before. The core breathing belly pump technique is something that everyone needs to learn. I’ve had clients tell me their back pain was gone after only one session of belly training. This approach is definitely revolutionary. It is applicable to both pregnant women and anyone wanting to improve their health. The video conference session was invaluable to me and my client. James took the time to not only evaluate but also refine my comprehension of the fit for birth method. It allowed me to present the most appropriate techniques and language that helped my client understand how and why this approach is applicable to his goals.

Amy S


I hold a few certifications (4) but I have to say this course was by far the best one . To actually watch some ones squat go from shaky knees and a full on knee load to an almost perfect form in a matter of minutes just from teaching them how to breathe correctly is just incredible. I will definitely be incorporating the techniques I’ve learnt into my current personal training sessions because working on the foundations, working from the inside out is definitely the best way to go. The VC session was just so much fun. I was nervous at first not knowing how it’d go but i was pleasantly surprised. It was an excellent way to wrap up the whole course. Lets get the foundations right and everything else will just fall into place! Thank you +fitforbirth, looking forward to taking on more courses with yourselves.

Yusra Es-Haq



“…taking this course I understand NASM better than ever.”

I absolutely LOVED this course! I got more than what I had expected that’s for sure. I have been a NASM-CPT for 5 years and after taking this course I understand NASM better than ever. The FFB assessment is extremely thorough yet simple to perform and conduct. It truly helps the fitness professional pinpoint the needs of each client and associate those needs towards the clients individual goals. I am so thankful for this course and am looking forward to empowering woman with the invaluable knowledge I’ve gained from this course. Thank you Fit For Birth!!!!

Breezy Lee



“I am so excited to help other moms-to-be optimize their/their baby’s health…”

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fit For Birth certification. The curriculum was well-thought out, interesting/informative, and easy to follow. I have witnessed first-hand the benefits of good exercise, nutrition, and de-stressing during pregnancy. I am so excited to help other moms-to-be optimize their/their baby’s health while also reconnecting to their bodies and trusting the birth process. Will be following for more CEUs to come. Thanks!

Harmony Boeh




As a perinatal nutritionist, this course was exactly what I wanted to compliment the dietary aspect of conception, pregnancy, and the postpartum period. But, more than that, the course was what I wanted and needed for myself, personally. I suffered diastasis recti in my first pregnancy, and had to undergo an emergency c-section. I utilized the techniques in the course throughout my postpartum period and in my second pregnancy, and can now personally vouch for their effectiveness. I’m so glad that I found this course, not only for my own personal benefit, but also for the wealth of knowledge and skills I know have to help my clients in an even more full and multi-faceted way.

Aubrey Phelps




My trainers at Equinox Aventura absolutely loved the course! The education provided immediate application to clients, pregnant or not. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to further their education or starting the fitness industry!

Arlen Guerrero





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We invite you to become a leader in the world of perinatal fitness when you join our Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist course. Our course is currently the most comprehensive course available on the market. The knowledge and tools you’ll learn will set you miles ahead of any other trainer in this field.

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To make joining our course a no brainer for you I want to offer you a 60 day money back guarantee. So if within those 60 days you are not satisfied with how much you have learned or with all the tools and techniques that you’ve acquired to help empower pregnant women, simply email us and we’ll return your money.

More Words From past members Who joined Our Course

“It gave me a totally new perspective of coaching approach that I’m using also on non-prégnant clients..”


Such a great certification and such a great experience, not only in business field, but also in a personal one. I was a bit skeptical how this video lessons are going to look like, and it’s kind of awesome because you have the impression sometimes like you are in there:)


So many new things, so much interesting informations…It gave me a totally new perspective of coaching approach that I’m using also on non-pregnant clients, and the results are really amazing. Learning how you Can control your body’s movements just with breathing it’s incredible. So if you are searching a certification program, that Will give your personal coaching or other an additional value, you are in a good place. And the team is great, loved very much the VC session, very personal approach.


Elma BEC


“…this certification can be a game changer in how birthing is done in the USA”


Amazing certification! Loved the holistic approach that it took and how informative the course work was overall. With the belly breathing ,core work and labor prepping this certification can be a game changer in how birthing is done in the USA. I have already started using all of the techniques in my clients and have seen immense different in body awareness. I would recommend this to anyone!

Sarah Harris



Hands down, the best continuing education course I’ve taken. I learned useful tools that I can immediately put to use with my pre & postnatal clients. I really enjoyed learning about the benefits to daily mind clearing practice. Also, most importantly, I learned how to structure a prenatal session using belly training, functional training & labor training. I highly recommend!

Michelle Euzent


“I would consider it a life changing program and one that all fitness professionals should take.”


“I took the fit for birth course looking to learn more about what current research supports regarding exercise and pregnancy. I would have been happy to learn the “Do’s and Don’ts” of pregnancy as well as some info on how to help clients with common pregnancy ailments, but this program offered so much more. I would consider it a life changing program and one that all fitness professionals should take.

FInally, the Video Consultation (test out) was worth the price of the course in itself. James personally took time to meet with me through a video conference and coach me through a mock consultation. Not only did I get invaluable feedback, but my “Client” walked away with actual advice on how to change up his exercise routine to start to achieve his goals more effectively

I cannot recommend this program enough. I would easily pay twice the cost of the course to get the same experience.”

Valerie Wiest



“I was blown away by this course and what I learned; it wasn’t just about corrective exercise.”


I have always had a passion for holistic health, and the more I explored the field, the more I was drawn specifically toward female health and wellness. This course sparked something in me; with every lecture I was certain this was my calling – pre/postnatal corrective exercise and wellness.

I was blown away by this course and what I learned; it wasn’t just about corrective exercise. I had a history lesson, psychology lesson, anatomy and physiology lesson, and a rehabilitation lesson all rolled into one neat package!

The course is all encompassing. I bring my Fit For Birth manual everywhere with me. I am able to refer back easily to certain sections to clarify past lessons, and use it frequently to answer any questions I encounter. I couldn’t even begin to count how many “ah-ha” moments I experienced throughout my learning process. James and Theresa are fantastic teachers, and their passion and love for this topic kept me that much more engaged.

The assessment aspect of this course, however, is what really blew me away. It is incredibly simple, yet extremely powerful! With one question “where do you feel it?” – I can pin point the exact muscle dysfunction and work on correcting it immediately. No guess work required.

Through Fit For Birth, I didn’t just learn how to train the pre/postnatal client. I also learned how to use exercise to rehab her post-pregnancy, and how to better guide her on her emotional journey of pregnancy and beyond.

I am so thankful I was led to this course; I have learned more than I could have hoped, and am a much better trainer because of it!

Anna Bernard


Just remember you can’t lose money but you could cause someone harm if you don’t have the proper training to correctly train pregnant women.


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For Only $397 


Can this course count for my training re-certification if I hold a certification other than the ones listed?

Yes, you can contact your certifying body, request and submit a CEU petition application to determine the CEU value that will be given. In our experience, it is as follows:

  • You ask your certifying body to send you a CEU petition form
  • You fill out the form and scan or mail your certifying body some materials about the Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course (ie. course outline, course objectives, etc.—We at Fit For Birth will provide for you whatever it is that you need.)
  • Please note that, in our experience, most organizations will charge you a nominal fee (ie. $25) for taking the time to review Fit For Birth materials.
  • Your organization determines how many CEU’s to offer you. This usually equates to one credit given for each hour spent in education. The Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course is rated at approximately 28 hours.
  • It is not obligatory for your organization to approve this course, however, to date, we have not heard of any Fitness Professional NOT receiving approval. If this is an important consideration for you, please contact your certifying body in advance to confirm whether or not our program is likely to be approved.
What should I expect after purchasing the Course?

After purchasing, you will be able to login and start taking the course immediately.
How long does it take to complete the program?

It’s completely up to you on how fast you finish the program. We have had people complete it in a week or two, other people take months, to a year! Here is an average breakdown on what to expect from the online course material:

  • Prenatal Manual: 5 Hours
  • Postnatal Manual: 3 Hours
  • Video Footage of the 3-day Live Course with PowerPoint Manual: 16 Hours of footage
  • Quizzes: 2 Hours
  • Video Conferencing with Fit For Birth Head Coach: 90 min
How Much Support Will be Available?
The Fit For Birth Team Members are here to help and assist you with anything that you need. Just call or email
Who is this course intended for?

The primary audience of this course is Fitness Professionals. However, we have had participants from all over the health and wellness field:

  • Personal trainers
  • Yoga instructors
  • Pilates instructors
  • Massage therapists
  • Midwives
  • Doulas
  • Lactation consultants
  • Physical therapists
  • Health policy administration consultants
  • Fitness studio owners
  • Fitness studio managers
  • General Managers
  • Moms who are interested in having a healthy pregnancy and delivery
This is a course that is intended for anyone interested in enriching their experience in Corrective Exercise, as well as any Health Professional who is interested in understanding the complete truth about the modern birthing industry, the disastrous “three trends” that threaten the modern world, and the power of some radically underutilized natural solutions!
I am a Birth Professional. Can I take this course? Do I have to become a trainer? How can I implement Fit For Birth into my profession?

Thank you for the important work you do. The modern world really needs birth professionals who have deep access to the natural solutions that can enhance your prenatal clients’ chances for smooth and successful natural births, without the need for medical interventions.

A steadily increasing interest in Fit For Birth programs is coming from midwives and doulas. And there is no need to become a trainer. You will have the access to coach your clients from your clinic in a health coaching or life coaching manner, similar to how you already practice. In addition, if you desire, you will be able to prescribe and teach very specific exercises that can offer immediate relief for a variety of pregnancy related and post-partum related issues.

As a birth professional, you are in a great position to educate and help pregnant women and this course will put you at an even greater advantage!
Is the course completely online? What tools will need to be accessible in order to take this course?
Yes, the course is designed for participation entirely online, at any location that is convenient to you. You will need a computer with internet access. If you do not have online access, please contact

and we will happily help you find another way.



 For Only $397 

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