Often, mothers-to-be do not experience the benefits listed above, but you can help. Healthier babies come from more secure, confident and knowledgeable moms. Often, it is a secure, confident and knowledgeable wellness professional who inspires this kind of mom.

Did you know that many pregnant moms are still being taught that white crackers and soda are appropriate solutions for morning sickness, and that discontinuing exercise is the first response for preventing pregnancy complications?

What you get in this course is the truth about pre and postnatal wellness from every angle imaginable. This is not just about learning the standard pregnancy guidelines with a conventional look at exercise and nutrition. What you get in this course is the “other side” of the pre and postnatal world. This course is an investigative uncovering of the unknown and shocking issues occurring in the world of birth right now. Somewhere along the journey, you will discover exactly how to help your clients choose the fertility, birth, and delivery pathway that is right for them. You will also learn how to coach corrective exercise so that you can prevent and heal a myriad of common pregnancy complaints.

This course compares modern practices versus research on how our ancestors lived and birthed, keeping one question in mind:

Why are rates of infertility, C-sections, and infant chronic disease at all time highs and rising faster than we can seem to control? ​ These are what we call “the three trends.”

Knowing this invaluable information makes you a precious resource and enables you to earn more income while enjoying the rewarding work that you do.

One new pre or postnatal client is easily worth more than $5,000. What would you invest for the opportunity to powerfully and consistently attract dozens of them starting in just the next few hours? How about $377?

Fit For Birth is the home of hundreds of pre and postnatal professionals in more than a dozen countries around the world, and we are actively growing our curriculum to meet the needs of fitness and wellness professionals like you. Because of you, these moms can have healthier pregnancies, babies, family life and overall happiness. This impacts our world from the most foundational level possible: conception. And in turn, you get financial security and fulfillment. That’s our mission. Please join us now.

Benefits for choosing Fit For Birth’s ​Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course:

    • Completely online – Instantly access all learning materials: videos, manuals, handouts, and more. No travel or waiting necessary. Receive instant access to all future course updates, new course recordings, and updates in the field. (Periodic Live Course Opportunities)
    • Approved for continuing education credits by leaders in the wellness industry: ACE:
      2.6; NASM: 1.9; NCSF: 7; CDR: 28; REPSSA: 8.
    • Simple testing​ – Six quizzes are submitted online. No snail-mail required and feedback is immediate. 80% passing rate required.
    • Designed for your success – Unlimited chances to take quizzes. No time-lines for
      necessary completion. No retesting fees ever.
    • Amazing student support and networking – Immediate access to get all your questions answered by our course creators and head coaches via our members-only forum.WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.
    • Personal coaching for every student – Included in the online course is a 2-hour
      Video Call (VC) with a Fit For Birth Head Coach or course creator.
    • No recurring re-certification fees ever.
    • Opportunity to attend a live course for half price.
    • Certificate of Completion that reads: “Pre & Pos​t Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist” along with complimenting logos and materials to use for your website
      and marketing.
    • No prerequisites required – Our stud​ents range from Physical Therapists to stay-at-home moms. Fit For Birth has specifically arranged the material into “novice” and “master” categories, so that you​ can cover the material that is currently most relevant for you.

Course Objectives

What makes the Fit For Birth Course different from other pre and postnatal continuing education programs? Our course educates you on:

    • Catastrophic Three Trends​ that are currently encroaching modern birth: Rising infertility, medicalized and mechanized birth, and chronic disease in infants and children
    • History​ of how the three trends have come to be and what the current trajectory of these three trends means for the future of wellness practitioners.
    • Corrective Exercise​, not just “exercise.” We live in a world of mal-aligned people. This includes our pregnant and postpartum women. Teaching traditional exercise, which often exacerbates physical mal-alignment, is no longer the most responsible way. The time for corrective, healing exercise is now!
    • Breathing​: the foundation of birthing as well as core-activation. In this program, we teach the benefits and importance of breathing and its effects on women and their future babies’ health. And you will be an expert on coaching your client to breathe correctly.
    • Stress​. In the modern world, it is not possible to consider yourself a qualified fitness or wellness professional unless you understand stress and its physical effects. This course covers stress on multiple levels and includes the general population as a comparison to our pre and postnatal women.
    • Mind-Body Connection, Imagery, and Visualization​. The quantum age has ushered in a scientific understanding concerning the power of one’s mind. We give you the opportunity to harness some of this ability within yourself and we give you the foundation for guiding your clients, if you desire to do so.
    • Actual Pre & Postnatal Women​. Watch them live (or on video in the online course), as we take multiple women through the assessment, fix their critical issues, and improve their function instantly.
    • Real Personal Guidance​ in building your confidence and selling your services via Fit For Birth’s exclusive Video Call (VC) for you and your client.

What are the other course objectives? Our course also educates you on:

    • Benefits of Exercise for Pregnant Moms —will astound you
    • Benefits of Exercise for the Developing Fetus —absolutely floored me when I learned about these!
    • Benefits of Exercise for Postpartum Moms
    • Preventing and Correcting common pregnancy and postpartum related issues
    • The stress link to over-training
    • How to coach one-on-one
    • How to lead group fitness
    • Common medications and surgeries used in the modern birthing world
    • The slippery slope of C-section
    • Hormonal Considerations —including an eye-opening and original look at postpartum depression
    • Cardiorespiratory Considerations —including persistent heart rate limitation myths
    • Metabolic Considerations —including insights into why overheating the fetus may be more of a modern problem than a historical one
    • The unborn infants greatest nutrient deficiency (no, its not folate)
    • Core inner unit considerations: diaphragm, transverse abdominis, pelvic floor
    • Corrective exercise concepts and skills —High level corrective practitioners have acclaimed this section as “wonderfully simplifying”
    • Muscle imbalances and alignment concepts and skills —Learn the four basic corrections that will solve the vast majority of your pregnant clients’ issues for the rest of their lives.
    • Gathering health history and evaluating the starting point
    • Movement assessments —the C.H.E.K. primal movement patterns
    • Basic prenatal and postnatal program design
    • Advanced pre and postnatal periodization concepts
    • Flexibility concepts
    • Cardiovascular training concepts
    • The Fit For Birth Method; Core Breathing Belly Training™, Functional Training, Birth Labor Training™ with Mental Imagery
    • Fat burning concepts —Get a unique holistic view on what it really takes to get your client back into “better than pre-pregnancy” shape.
    • C-Section rehabilitation
    • Episiotomy rehabilitation
    • Diastasis rehabilitation
    • American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines and analysis —We don’t just regurgitate the guidelines, we give you our opinion of them too .
    • Critical nutrition: Understand the grave implications of processed foods and dehydration

What to Expect once you Join

  • After logging into your account, you will have access to footage of a live course, while following along with the Powerpoint presentation.
    You will also read the corresponding manuals, which expand many concepts and give further insights and clarification. As you move forward in the course, you will find quizzes to assess your comprehension.
  • All video, manuals, program designs, quizzes, and video call have been evaluated to take about 30 hours total.Time to completion is completely up to the student and typically ranges from one week to six months.
  • When you complete your final quiz, you will be prompted to schedule your personal Video Call (this is not a pass/fail event; it is an opportunity to hone your skills as a professional and is a required part of the course).
  • You receive your certificate of completion that reads: “Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist.”
  • Continuing education credits range varying upon the approving organization: ACE:
    2.6; NASM: 1.9; NCSF: 7; CDR: 28; REPSSA: 8.
  • Re-certification requirements: none!
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