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Pre & Post Natal Diastasis and Core Consultant

Audience: Professionals ­
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Be the authority on diastasis recti & core prevention and rehabilitation methods, prenatal and postpartum.

About the course

You can be the wellness professional that prevents or solves a myriad of pregnant and postpartum challenges for your clients. More than ever before, women are seeking professionals and programs that help them solve challenges that occur during and after pregnancy. This course gives you the confidence and ability to address these challenges and to give freedom and ease back to the life of a new mom.

Fit For Birth has teamed up with The Bloom Method to deliver a course that is truly unlike any other. The ​Pre & Post Natal Core and Diastasis Recti Consultant Course ​is the first course created specifically for fitness and wellness practitioners. You can be the saving grace for many women and in turn their families, who have suffered unnecessarily due to challenges like diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, piriformis syndrome, herniation, sacroiliac joint dysfunction or simply helping return to their pre-­pregnancy physique. You will also explore topics like C-­section rehabilitation and episiotomy rehabilitation.

Diastasis recti affects about two-­thirds of pregnant women and various programs around the world have risen to address the problem: MUTU System, Birth2FitMum, The Tummy Team, Tuppler Technique and many more. A Diastasis Recti and Core Consultant must understand them all. Now you can be the definitive resource for these women. The ​Pre & Post Natal Core and Diastasis Recti Consultant Course empowers you to understand the science behind ancient and new techniques for solving diastasis recti, so that you can empower your clients to the fastest success.

You get to choose the methods that work best for them, in many cases giving women back their lives and making an incredible living doing it.

Pre & Post Natal Business Success Course

Audience: Professionals ­
Expected Release is Not Yet Scheduled.



Make your business work powerfully for you and your family.

About the course

You can have a thriving pre and postnatal business by following the simple steps offered in this course. Topics in this course include developing a thriving clientele in­-home or in­-gym, laying the foundation for your own brick­-and­-mortar studio, transitioning your business online and paving your path to passive income, all from simply doing what you love. Important sections include building your website, using social media and advertising, developing your “list” of fans, building the best relationships, networking, establishing your niche and your expert status, This course is being designed by professionals who have operated successful pre and postnatal businesses while raising kids. You too can do it too and our community is built to support each other.

Pre & Post Natal Holistic Living Course: How to Nurture Your Happiest & Healthiest Baby from Inside the Womb

Audience: Prenatal Women ­
Expected release is not yet scheduled.



Immerse yourself in the world of perinatal wellness. This course covers the five foundations of pre and postnatal health: Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Thoughts from the most holistic and ancestral angle imaginable. Please bring an open mind and an extra set of socks, because your first pair is about to get blown away.

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