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Hamad Shirazi

Hamad has always been a passionate and progressive pioneer in fitness and health.  As a Holistic Health Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Fit For Birth Head Coach, he intends to service the universe to his utmost potential. His career began in youth as he coached his peers in ways that were ahead of the time. This evolved into healing his own plantar fasciitis, knee pains, hip and shoulder impingements, and more. Hamad’s mission is to educate and coach individuals towards restoring and enhancing quality of life so that every person can explore their unique individuality and enjoy pursuing and manifesting his or her dreams. Hamad’s driving force continues to be the incredible feedback and love that his clients share with him. As the founder of Southern Holistic Alchemy, Hamad intends to shake up the fitness and health coaching industry in ways that hasn’t been done before.

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