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Here at Fit For Birth

Fit For Birth is a growing community of super-fun and passionate people who love to explore the unexplored and shed light on areas that have been dark. We believe in having fun while changing the world, one family at a time. We pursue our passion to heal families by building a global team of fitness and health professionals so that we can

    • Reduce Infertility
    • Avoid Mechanized Childbirtth
    • Lower Chronic Disease in our Infants

We know what is being taught by the conventional world concerning pregnancy and childbirth. We are here to share the other side of the spectrum, one that is poised to save the health of moms and their babies, the future of our world.

James Goodlatte

James Goodlatte is a Holistic Health Coach, corrective exercise practitioner, speaker, author, and professional educator. His passion is to heal families by inspiring the use of natural methods and by building a global team of fitness & health professionals to reduce infertility, avoid mechanized childbirth, and reduce chronic disease in our infants. As the founder of Fit For Birth, Inc, he is a driving force for providing Continuing Education Credits for the pre and postnatal world. As a writer, his articles have been published in a dozen languages and have inspired contact from pre and postnatal women, as well as health professionals in over 150 countries.

Theresa Goodlatte

Chief Operating Officer

Theresa has spent a number of years in holistic education and health fields, eventually expanding to prenatal health and natural birth.

Charlotte Lenssen

Events Consultant

Charlotte is a valuable consultant to holistic industries, allowing for the creation and success of various retreats and events around the world.

Dana Linvill-Gordon

Natural Birth Expert

Dana Linvill-Gordon is the founder of B.O.R.N., Birthing Options Respecting Nature and a Natural Birth Expert with Team Fit For Birth.

Ulrike Uhrig

Natural Birth Expert

As a licensed midwife, one of Ulli’s passions lies in encouraging women and mamas to be connected with and trust their body and to listen to

Olivia Cagle

Fit For Birth Head Coach

Olivia Cagle is a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Prenatal, Postnatal, and Mommy Exercise Specialist. Helping Moms In Each Stage of Motherhood Get Fit and Healthy From the Inside Out!

Hamad Shirazi

Fit For Birth Head Coach

Hamad has always been a passionate and progressive pioneer in fitness and health.

Kaden Goodlatte

In Charge of Smiles and Fun
Ready to be the Most Confident and Sought After Fitness Professional

in Your Area, and Make an Incredible Living Doing it?