• I am a holistic health coach and wanted a course that was going to approach prepost natal pregnancy training with a comprehensive understanding of the body. Other certifications seemed to have an out of date, rigid approach to training. Fit for Birth's approach is constantly staying current, aware that the science is always being updated and training women in a way that is suitable for their body type and lifestyle.My specific goal was to learn how to safely train a prepost natal body. This course far exceeded my highest expectations. The content from this course has changed my approach to training ALL clients, not just prepost natal. The concepts taught in the course are transferable to everyone.

    Joanie Johnson Rubin

    Holistic Health Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

    Brooklyn, NY USA

  • This course has really been an amazing experience! The amount of detail and resources provided is amazing. I have so many books to read to help me expand my knowledge on various subjects from pregnant women to water intake to corrective exercise. Midway through this course I was able to help my parents improve their breathing and deep squat, all from a course dedicated to the pregnant client! The ability to apply these concepts to a wide array of clients is valuable beyond belief. This course is a must for all trainers because it goes so much deeper than the pregnant client, it’s for ALL human beings! THANK YOU

    Brian L. Morris

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Rowlett, TX, USA

  • I believe this course could help to change our birth culture. As a massage therapist and personal trainer, I now have the tools to teach my clients to take care of their own health and prepare effectively for their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. I can also now address issues like \'diastasis recti\' which many clients have suffered from with no support or tools to deal with or heal it. This course educates about the challenges of modern birth but also empowers the students to see that natural birth can be prepared for. It provides tools to move forward to implement positive changes.

    Morgyn Danae

    Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Bellydance Instructor

    Portland, ME, USA

  • I found the breathing assessment and exercises to be most useful.  I always taught patient's to avoid valsalva maneuver through nose and mouth breathing, but never how to strengthen the core through the diaphragm, as I was too focused on the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor.  However, having clients perform active exercises with the "belly pumping" technique along with diaphragmatic breathing is a great way to strengthen the core.  James coached me through the most effective way to teach this skill and it is something that I will be applying to all my patients in my practice going forward.

    Sean Santagato PT, DPT

    Physical Therapist

    West Caldwell, NJ

  • I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for providing this amazing education & certification for people who are wanting to change the way women see birth!! Since deciding to take this career path, I've always wanted to provide something deeper than simply fitness for mamas. Your training is giving me the knowledge to do just that! I'm so blown away by how thorough this training is and I am beyond excited to share it with my future clients!! You are not only giving me the knowledge I need to change the lives of other women but my pregnancies will be even more special now that I hold this wisdom!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I REALLY enjoyed the history of childbirth segment. I felt that starting with that information on childbirth really set the stage for the rest of the course. I don't know another pre/postnatal fitness specialist that gained that thorough of an understanding of its history, where it came from and what happened along the way. I talk to my clients often about certain aspects of what we learned during that time and they are completely fascinated. There was unfortunately a lot of sadness & anger that came up for me when learning about the history of childbirth but to have the awareness allows change to occur in today's birthing field. I feel that this part of the certification truly makes fit for birth stand out among all other certifications. We must know where we came from to move forward in a positive light. 🙂 I LOVED everything about the Fit for Birth training and could give you several more examples but this one always sticks out in my mind.

    Brooke Cates

    Certified Personal Trainer & Founder of The Bloom Method

    Boulder, CO, USA

  • This course was beneficial to me on many levels. It gave me a deeper understanding of corrective exercise and an in depth program design for working with the pre and post natal population. I believe it will greatly benefit my clients because I've seen improvements in my own muscle imbalances by using some of the specific techniques taught in the Fit for Birth Course. Learning to breathe correctly using my diaphragm has helped me move more efficiently as well as drastically reduce my general anxiety.I loved the depth of the program design. Fit For Birth didn't rattle off a list of the same old common prenatal exercises you can easily find on the internet yourself. It was a true nine month plan. Another riveting portion of the course was getting to see an assessment done on 3 different pregnant women. It helped to highlight the not so obvious muscle imbalances.

    Lindsay Yates

    Certified Personal Trainer & Physical Education Teacher

    Alexandria, VA, USA

  • The best part of the course was being able to watch the pregnant women go through the assessment. Before this course, I didn't know the extent in which pregnant women could exercise safely. I also find it extremely helpful to have the program design breakdown. Most other courses I've taken don't help you design your workouts - it’s nice to not only see the design but also learn the 'why' behind it.

    Stefania Barker

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Las Vegas, NV, USA

  • I found the Fit For Birth model to be the most interesting. I like the approach and find it applicable to what pregnant women really need to prepare themselves for their ideal birthing experience. I specifically found the Belly Training and Labor Training with Mental Imagery most unique. Definitely sets a trainer apart from the rest with this type of "know how.”

    Kit Sheppard

    Certified Personal Trainer

    West Lafayette, IN, USA

  • It is difficult to choose which part was most interesting because they all fit together so well and this is a multi-faceted topic! Personally, I benefited from the detailed transcripts most, and know I will be referring to them in the future - in particular regarding the anatomy and physiology of dysfunction. I know a lot of moms and moms-to-be develop very individual concerns challenges during and after pregnancy and I now have access to information to help them (or refer them) appropriately and with confidence. Overall however, learning to see birth today in its appropriate historicalcultural context was deeply edifying and revealing to me personally as to why I'm doing this work in the first place. I'm both motivated and saddened to have a greater awareness of how much our culture encourages women to mistrust and fear their bodies. Ultimately this course has left me deeply inspired and empowered to serve women, and to affect cultural change through them and by my role in the community. I know every client will not be interested in this depth, but for those who do, I'll be ready. And for the rest: I'm prepared to design great programs and help them reach their more modest goals. I'm proud to represent Fit For Birth.

    Alicia Ruth

    Pregnancy Fitness and Health Educator & Certified Personal Trainer

    San Francisco, CA, USA

  • I absolutely loved the Fit For Birth course! After having taken the course, I have changed my entire thought process regarding preparation for birth in terms of fitness and the birthing process itself. Even though I would consider myself an informed and healthy individual, I can say that I was unaware of a lot of the information that I received from this course. I found this course invaluable, not only as a personal trainer, but as someone that is in the process of preparing for starting a family.

    Melissa Gilmore

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Arlington Heights, IL, USA

  • The most interesting part of the course was learning about the history of pregnancy and how it relates to where we are today- in a state of emergency. I am forever changed by the invaluable lessons I've learned taking this course. I'm telling everyone I know: I walked into this to simply learn what exercises to give to a pregnant woman and I did learn that- But I also learned so so much more. I learned that because we don't know that we are in a state of emergency, we don't know the options that are available, we don't know that as women, we are not even in control of our own birthing method! We don't know that we can take control by treating and training our bodies right. And now that I'm amongst the few who DO know, it's my responsibility to help spread the knowledge the best that I can.

    Carmelle Jean-Francois

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Richmond Hill, NY, USA

  • The course you have is fantastic and quite honestly the world of fitness in general needs to have more of this kind of approach available. So I want to congratulate you on having the vision, passion and determination to have brought this to us. I'm glad I found you.

    Stuart Garth

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Greenville, SC, USA

  • Many thanks for an awesome assessment today and valuable feedback.  I actually burst into tears straight afterwards because of how much I have put my focus and emotion into the work over the past few months and also because I am sad it is now officially over. I know it is only just beginning but I don't want to lose contact with 'Fit For Birth' all the way over in America. You guys are amazing and I will do my utmost best to promote your work course over here.

    Shelley Lewin

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • I personally think all trainers should take this course, but anyone who trains pregnant and recovering moms will feel much more informed and secure in their ability to effectively train and challenge these clients appropriate.

    Stephanie Payne

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Upper Marlboro, MD, USA

  • I appreciated that each of the assessment areas was broken down into novice and more experienced so that those of us who have no to little experience looking for muscle imbalances do not have to place the same expectations on ourselves as those who are more nuanced in what they are able to see.

    Lindsay Davison

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Northampton, MA, USA

  • I have to say--working through the material for this certification, I think I've become a much better trainer. Not only have I been able to apply the content with my post-natal clients, but I've really been able to use much of it with all of my clients. Corrective exercise really is the path to go for all people since we all have imbalances and since starting work on the certification, I make sure I cover all of the primal movements with my clients and work through the assessments. I think it's helped me assist my clients in making more positive changes, and I've gained a lot more business in the process. My favorite part of the course was the Skype call, which helped to crystallize the material from the course and filled in a few gaps in my knowledge. I think this is really important in an online course where you are not interacting with the instructor and therefore don't have an opportunity to ask questions.

    Christine Bhutta

    Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of WellMom, LLC

    Arlington, VA, USA

  • I’ve been a personal trainer for four years, and it’s always good to refresh and revisit. Turns out I hold my breath when I bend over to pick something up. what a strange and unfortunate thing to realize! Also, the specific month-to-month program design suggestions are great, especially as someone who has not yet had children. I want to be able to push them as far as they can go, but do it safely and encourage their trust. I truly appreciate all that you have done!

    Samantha Stone

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Asheville, NC, USA

  • I have really enjoyed obtaining this certificate and even just as a woman it means a lot to me that there are people who care about preserving one of our natural rights and blessings as women: childbirth! I look forward to sharing Fit for Birth's mission and look forward to seeing how you grow in the future.

    Michele Becker

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Granby, CT, USA

  • Training pregnant women is more than just training the muscles. This course has helped me understand past and present birthing practices.  I gained an in-depth knowledge of holistic health for expecting and new mothers. It has changed my perspective on training and life philosophy.

    Amanda Werner

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Miami, FL, USA

  • I thoroughly enjoyed navigating through this course, and the information presented holds a tremendous amount of value not only to birth professionals but to each and every individual. The most interesting part of the course to me was learning just how much breathing alone can affect the entire functionality of the body! Now it makes complete sense of why breathing is such an effective tool to use during labor and delivery. As a doula, my goal has been to provide expecting mothers with support, knowledge and education in order for them to feel confident when making informed decisions about the type of birth experience that they desire, despite the challenges of over-medicalized childbirth in the modern world. Now, I am also able to provide my clients with an in-depth explanation about the importance of exercise before, during and after childbirth, and develop a program specifically tailored to their individual needs. Prenatal and postpartum corrective exercise is the perfect addition to incorporate into my business and I feel like there is no longer a missing link.

    Stephanie Simmons

    Certified Doula

    Orlando, FL, USA

  • Tremendous information that will absolutely change the course of my own pregnancy and how I train my clients. Thank you for taking the fear away.

    Sue Spinelli

    Pilates Master Instructor

    Hollywood, FL, USA

  • I now feel knowledgeable enough to train a pre/post natal woman. Learning about birth and labor and the toll it takes on, not only the woman, but also the baby is mind-blowing! I had some idea thanks to some psychology courses, but no class goes into this type of detail.

    Veronica Sais

    Yoga Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • Learning the history of birthing and the hospitalization of it was fascinating…This course made me think more deeply about the dramatic disconnect between doctors and wellness practitioners (like trainers), and I think engaging with medical professionals to understand our respective approaches to health- for pregnant moms and everyone else- is an important way to bridge the gap. I appreciate having a deeper understanding of how the practices that I use in my own life for my own health and well being, such as conscious breath work, meditation and training can be adapted to pregnant and post-partum women in a way that would otherwise not be presented to them from their doctors.

    Nicki Miller

    Certified Personal Trainer & Aerial Silks/Rope Instructor

    Brooklyn, NY, USA

  • The education Fit For Birth presents is unparalleled to that of other courses. This course will give an open-eyed approach to a modern pregnancy and give possibly new insight to natural births.

    Stacy Loveland

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Chicago, IL, USA

  • I just wanted to thank you so much. I could not have felt better walking away from this video conference. I learned so much from you on how sell the client on what we are doing and how to approach the assessment and correction of their movement. I felt so motivated after this session, as did my mom! She is inspired to continue to work on her breathing with me and slowly work towards improving it with other exercises.I am so happy to be part of the Fit For Birth team and look forward to keeping in touch!

    Michelle Luongo

    Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • I was really fearful about childbirth until this course. I would have never thought in my wildest dream I would say such a thing: I definitely want a natural birth and even possibly a home birth.

    Aicha Herbrand

    Pilates Instructor

    Coral Gables, Fl, USA

  • I found your condensed version of a group class the most helpful because it gave me ideas on how to run a more fun session. Thank you so much for the time you put into creating this certification! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to start leading moms into a healthy pregnancy and life in motherhood.

    Nikki Amos

    Certified Personal Trainer & Tennis Coach

    Colorado Springs, CO, USA

  • I searched for a long time for a course that I thought would be a good match for me and my clients. Fit For Birth was also the most comprehensive course I found, offering much more than just "exercises for pregnancy". Additionally, I appreciate how Fit For Birth does not view pregnancy as a roadblock to health and fitness. I've taken another course previously that grouped pregnancy in the "Injuries" chapter.

    Tami Washenko

    Doula & Personal Trainer

    Milford, CT USA

  • I am only on the Prenatal section 2 so far, but am amazed at what I've learned at this point. I have never heard of DES and learning the history of modern childbirth is a real eye-opener.  I appreciate all the sources cited by James. This is a great course, I am a new personal trainer and am confident this course will be a huge benefit to my career.

    Greg Soon

    Certified Personal Trainer

    New York, NY, USA

  • Can't put into words: A) how great this course isB) how excited I am as a fit pro as well as a father to not only have access to this new wealth of knowledge but to have confirmation of truths I've already had a basic grasp of C) the impact this will have on my fitness community when initiating the next step..."

    Orion Mims

    Certified Personal Trainer

    New York, NY, USA

  • The most riveting portion of the course was the Diaphragm & Breathing section for core activation or Belly Pump. It has helped me simplify my explanation to my clients of the importance of proper breathing even further, so that they are able to adopt this training more easily in their exercise routines and daily lives. It was also a reminder to not only teach but also do. The most surprising thing I learned was the difference in pregnant belly size of those who have adopted the breathing techniques [compared to] those who have not.

    Linda Rasmussen

    Pilates & Yoga Instructor

    Ringsted, Denmark

  • I love how confident I feel in working with my Pre/Post Natal clients since I took the Fit For Birth course. The course provided me an in depth look at what my clients are experiencing throughout pregnancy and prepared me to successfully approach and correct many of the common issues that arise with the pregnant client.

    Kelly McGovern

    Certified Personal Trainer

    San Mateo, CA, USA

  • The most interesting part of the course would have to be how each section was covered to help one establish further skills. As well as, prepare one to utilize important information on how to coach the mom to be both in pre and postnatal circumstances in a fit and balanced way.

    Tanya Rodriguez M.B.A.

    Founder of Coachin2theTop, Whole Food Nutrition Educator, Certified Health & Mind Body Fitness Specialist

    Moreno Valley, CA, USA

  • The most interesting part of the course was learning about how to assess the prenatal client - everything from postural and functional movement to cardiovascular readiness was covered in this course. I feel that I learned a lot about ways to assess not only the prenatal client but my clients at large - and transferable skills are always valuable in our industry.

    Amanda Dale

    Certified Personal Trainer


  • I am excited to use all that I have learned from you to help women (and myself!) have a healthy and successful birth. I feel so lucky to have met you and it has been an honor working with you.

    Kelsie Wehren

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Hawaii, USA

  • One of the big takeaways for me as running coach is the type of training a runner can still do while pregnant. Specifically, prenatal runners can still execute interval work and hill work just at an effort that's appropriate to them. Maybe it was something I already knew, but had lost sight of.

    Jessica Green

    Certified Personal Trainer & Running Coach- Co-Founder Hot Bird Running

    Portland, OR, USA

  • The corrective exercise aspect. James really hones in on what is the most important function pregnant women need to have to have a great pregnancy. But also shows you and teaches you how to incorporate and use it with other basic and key elements of exercise. (I have been learning about pregnancy fitness for two years and now after the course I feel like I know more about pregnancy fitness than some people who have been doing this for 10). I also really appreciated the very last segment where James would ask me a question and I would have to explain it to my client. Then James would ask my client if she could explain what I just said. It really tested me on the spot not only on what I learned, but also tested my communication skills. As well as showed me areas that I can improve on and tricks I can use when working with a client to not be afraid to ask them to explain it back to me. There is so much information I want to share and I want to make sure I am able to get the information across. Fit for Birth is a pregnancy fitness course for trainers who are working with and Training the modern woman. It's not just the basics that some companies make money off of you by outlining a book or repeating what the ACOG guidelines are. It improves upon courses like Oh Baby! Fitness and even ACE's Pregnancy Training. It truly is an in-depth and detailed look at pregnancy movement throughout history, and what we can and should be teaching our clients to have their best pregnancy. If you want to call yourself an expert in pregnancy fitness, you will take this course.

    Meredith Kramer

    Mom and Personal Trainer

    Oldenburg, Germany

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