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This is our passion, and we love what we do!

Fit For Birth is a health education and training company for fitness and wellness professionals. We educate Pre & Post Natal Leaders to inspire the use of natural methods to avoid Infertility, Mechanized Childbirth and Disease in our infants. The company was originally founded in 2007 providing progressive perinatal health education for all audiences. Within less than one year, Fit For Birth information and articles had been published in more than one dozen languages and thousands of people from over 150 countries around the world were visiting every month.
Soon, fitness and wellness professionals who were inspired by the progressive and natural voice of Fit For Birth began asking for a certification. In 2011, Fit For Birth delivered our first Live Continuing Education course, ​Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist. By 2014, our flagship course was hosted Online, instantly available for practitioners around the world.
The course has been acclaimed as the most comprehensive and progressive pre & postnatal course that the industry has to offer. Testimonials and feedback also hail the company’s passion, excitement and personal touch. Besides being known as the most exciting course in pre and postnatal fitness, the company is now being recognized for inspiring a true leadership amongst its practitioners.
Fit For Birth’s proprietary methods, like Belly Training™ and Labor Training™ are forging a new kind of pre and postnatal professional. Former Fit For Birth students are now being recognized for their mark in the fitness industry, whether providing online sessions for women around the world, developing fitness “app’s,” or even being petitioned to provide their own continuing education courses! This is what Fit For Birth stands for­­­the success of our students.
This is our passion, and we love what we do!
The Fit For Birth team is growing fast. Our course participants can be found in more than a dozen countries around the world and we are currently developing a pre and postnatal curriculum to serve our community of professionals with the highest quality and most fun continuing education in the fitness industry.
Our intention is to be the hub of pre and postnatal fitness around the world. With aspects that include: online as well as live courses, a growing curriculum, an active community of like-minded professionals, an exercise­ video library, a “Find a Prenatal Trainer in Your Area” directory for our professionals and the most passionate professionals on the planet, Fit For Birth is a team worth joining.
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