2018 – Test Page

1b – Real Life Fit for Birth Immersion

1c – James’ story

1d – Epigenetics in Pregnancy

2.a.i Three trends_ed

2.a.ii Historical timeline_ed

2.a.iii Four Stories_ed

2.a.iv How are we doing today?_int

2.a.v & vi_ed

2.a.vii_Modern Childbirth_edited_2

2.a.viii Prenatal Nutrition of our Ancestors_editing

2.b.i Five Foundations and Hope

2bii – Wearing the weight Vest

3a – Common Pregnancy Experiences & Due Dates

3.b Trimester by Trimester_int

4.a Benefits of exercise during pregnancy_int

4.b Exercise C-section_int

4.c One Foundational Core exercise_int

4.d Understanding diastasis recti_int

5 – Breathing

7.a – Household toxins

7.b – A Personal Appeal

7c – Choosing ingredients for baby

7d – Circadian Rhythm

7e – Minimize Mobile Phones around baby

7e – Quiz

8a – The impact of stress on baby

8b – Thoughts are driven by perceptions

8c – Thoughts are physical things

8d – Creating with your mind

9 – Conclusion