Connect with Each Other

Find your tribe, love them hard!

Pregnancy and motherhood can be difficult. But finding a supportive, loving tribe of women who are ready to share, connect, and support you through your journey makes it easier. 

“As moms, we are in it together - raising the future. We are a tribe of future makers. So let’s support each other.” - Marissa Hermer.

At Fit For Birth, we believe this 100%, which is why we encourage all of our Prenatal Wellness Course Mamas to join our social group made just for you. Here you can truly connect with each other, no matter where you are in the world or at what stage in your pregnancy.

In the FFB Prenatal Wellness Mamas Facebook Group, you can feel free to share your stories and successes, support each other through the hardships, and spread love and positivity during the most precious months of pregnancy.

You’re about to find your tribe, Mama. And it’s with us.

Are you ready to connect with other healthy, supportive mamas?

  1. Click the link here to access the Facebook Group: FFB Prenatal Wellness Mamas
  2. Request access to join by answering the two questions posted.
  3. Once you send the request, an admin will open the doors to your new community.
  4. Read the Community Etiquette (pinned post) and introduce yourself to your new friends.
  5. Although you should be accepted within the day, if an admin hasn’t responded within 24 hours, we apologize (we’re human too!) but definitely want to help you come into the group. Please feel free to send a message to an admin or email directly.

And as always… If you have any questions, please let us know!

We are always here for you and we’re ready to help make this the most unforgettable path to a healthy motherhood with a loving tribe of women ready to support you along the way.