What does it mean to be “Pregnancy Safe”?

Why is the PregnancySāf label an important distinction?

Within the last decade, the pre & postnatal fitness industry has expanded exponentially, but without regulations.  In fact, the fitness industry on the whole is not yet regulated by a governing body. For example, in nearly every one of the United States, anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, even if they have no experience, training, certification, or license.  

What about a Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer?  

The perinatal period is often the most critical time-period in a woman’s life.  

The reality is that there is not a governing body to uphold pre & postnatal professionals to quality standards and continuing education.  There is no government agency, no CPT nor an accreditation body designated to ensure that pre & postnatal fitness professionals are doing more good than harm. 

This is why Fit For Birth has created a PregnancySāf distinction that women around the world can trust as a powerful step toward the integrity of programming that is truly pregnancy safe.

Since 2008, Fit For Birth has been proactively researching the solid truth regarding prenatal training, identifying where governmental agencies have so often been overly cautious as well as  where industry leaders have been causing serious injury. There is a beautiful balance between the two, and Fit For Birth has been continually committed to finding and teaching this balance. The last decade has proven Fit For Birth to be the industry leader in exercise programming and holistic health, with thousands of students around the world, spanning every continent except Antarctica.  

Today, Fit For Birth is blessed to be standing in a position to help oversee the positive regulation of pre & postnatal professionals around the world.  In time, we may not be the only standard, but right now we are one very powerful standard when it comes to being pregnancy safe.

Fit For Birth intends to reduce the confusion and to increase the passion and knowledge of fitness professionals everywhere.  In doing so, pregnant and postpartum women will benefit from knowing that their coaches are research-safe, education-safe, and experience-safe.  

Seeing the PregnancySāf COACH seal means that your Coach is committed to being educated on the latest research, being knowledgeable in multiple spectrums of health, and having actual practice in the pre & postnatal realm.  This seal means that your Coach: 

  • Has already graduated as a Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist. 
  • Has registered to complete pre & postnatal continuing education every year, just like doctors, physical therapists, and other valid professionals.  
  • Receives personalized feedback from Fit For Birth regarding his or her practice, methods and educational endeavors.
  • Is participating in monthly mastermind meetings with leaders in the pre & postnatal industry, including timely updates in important research.  
  • Is engaging in pre & postnatal continuing education far beyond any other fitness professional on the planet.  

Seeing the PregnancySāf FACILITY seal means that your fitness studio has committed to requiring that every single one of it’s instructors are maintaining the PregnancySāf COACH requirements!

Seeing the PregnancySāf PROGRAM seal means that your pre or postnatal online or offline educational or exercise program is adhering to the current research standards, is being held to the highest standards of pre & postnatal safety, and has the powerful researching and clarifying hand of Fit For Birth on their team.

Seeing PregnancySāf means that you can trust that your training partners in this critical period of your life are absolutely Pregnancy Safe!