PregnancySāf™ (PSL) FACILITY Membership Criteria

Requirements to Obtain PregnancySāf™ (PSL) FACILITY Membership

Any time, you may join the PSL Facility Membership by completing our PSL Facility Registration Form:

  1. Identify your Facility or Facilities.
  2. Submit the names and email contacts for all of your fitness professionals who will be registering for the PSL COACH program, intending toward more than half of your professionals retaining the PregnancySāf™ License.
  3. Your Facility will notify your Fitness Professionals to register for Fit For Birth’s PPCES Course at a 10% discount. These Professionals will be identified as “pending PregnancySāf™ Coaches.”
  4. FFB customer service will email the discount codes to your team of Fitness Professionals, and facilitate their entrance into FFB with fun and ease.
  5. FFB may arrange a unique “Mentorship” program or Live Course, depending the specific needs and desires of your Facility and Professionals.  (Please inquire with us directly). 
  6. The intention is to have your professionals inducted within 120 days, which means that they will be expected to complete the PPCES within this timeframe.
  7. Pay the fee, based upon your number of Professionals.  The yearly license is based approximately upon the number of PSL Coach Memberships that your Facility will carry.  The more professionals, the greater your savings as a company...

Yearly PSL Facility Investment Chart

Number of Professionals

The “would-be” investment of PSL Coach Individual yearly memberships would be up to:

Your discounted Facility Investment




























Requirements to Renew Membership as a PregnancySāf (PSL) COACH include:

  1. Annually, identify the names and contact information of your PSL Fitness Professionals and pending PSL professionals.
  2. Annually, provide examples (screenshot, link, etc) of how you are using the PregnancySāf Coach logo and Core Breathing Belly Pump™ in your business (on your website, inside your facility, etc.)
  3. Renew your yearly investment, according to how many professionals are retaining the PSL Coach license in your facility.