PregnancySāf™ Style Guide

How to use PregnancySāf™, Core Breathing Belly Pump™, and Fit For Birth® within your Business 

Being associated with membership terms like “PregnancySāf™” and “Core Breathing Belly Pump™” are symbols that distinguish you from all other pre & postnatal fitness professionals.  In addition, the trademark “FitForBirth®” and “Fit For Birth®” have specific manners in which they can be used by you as a PPCES graduate.   The following three subsections will show you how to protect the value of your membership by using these marks properly.  

Why is this Necessary?

“When it comes to building a memorable brand, it's all about consistency. When you're shopping for your favorite cereal or coffee at the grocery store, you want to be able to spot it from a mile away. The best brands stick in our brains because their presence is defined by the repetition of the same logo, fonts, colors, and images. Once we see them enough, they become instantly recognizable, bringing us a clear sense of reliability and security.”

The pre and postnatal fitness world is starting to get crowded, being one of the fastest growing fitness niches in the last decade.  You've got to keep up with Instagram and Facebook, figure out website management, email lists, and how to get clients. And you've got to figure out how to promote yourself while still maintaining an integrity that lets you sleep at night.  How do you manage to stand out, while still remaining trustworthy and authentic? And how do you do all that and still dedicate time to your health and your family?   

Simple:  Join Fit For Birth's Membership programs.

What does PregnancySāf™ Represent?

PregnancySāf™ says that you are more than just the average pre & postnatal fitness professional.  You are exceptional. You are trustworthy. You adhere to a code of ethics that protects clients, the community and other PregnancySāf™ fitness professionals. PregnancySāf™ means that you are committed to ethical practice and high standards of pre and postnatal fitness professional services.

We chose PregnancySāf™ as our brand, instead of “Pregnancy Safe,” because we wanted something unique that stands out in an increasingly competitive industry of pre- and post-natal fitness. The words “pregnancy safe” may describe things that are safe for pregnant and postnatal women, whereas the unique spelling of PregnancySāf™ distinguishes it (and YOU!) as a unique brand.

Using the marks correctly preserves and promotes the value for all of us. 

Proper Usage of PregnancySāf™, Core Breathing Belly Pump®, FitForBirth® and Fit for Birth®

Here are some ways to use these marks correctly:

  • Gina Trainwell, PregnancySāf™ 
  • Gina Trainwell, PregnancySāf™ Coach
  • Belly Poppin’ Studio, PregnancySāf™ Facility
  • I am a PregnancySāf™ Coach
  • We have a PregnancySāf™ Facility
  • Gina Trainwell, Core Breathing Belly Pumping™ Specialist 
  • I am a Core Breathing Belly Pumping™ Specialist 
  • Gina Trainwell, Fit For Birth® Trainer
  • Gina Trainwell, FitForBirth® Trainer
  • Gina Trainwell, Trained by Fit For Birth®
  • Gina Trainwell, Trained by FitForBirth®
  • Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PPCES)

  • These would NOT be correct:  

  • I am a PregnancySāf™ Trainer (You are a PSL Coach, not a trainer)
  • I am a pregnancysāf™ coach  (Always use Title Case with the PregnancySāf™brand)
  • We have a PregnancySāf™ Studio (Our trademark contains the word Facility, not studio, gym or sports club or fitness center, etc.)
  • I teach PregnancySāf™ Exercises (We haven’t identified exercises as PregnancySāf™ instead, we provide standards for fitness Coaches, Facilities, and Programs)
  • PregnancySafe™ Coach (Our trademark is PreganancySāf, not Pregnancy Safe)
  • www.GinaTrainwellPregnancySā (You may not use our trademarks in your URL)
  • We teach core breathing belly pumping™ (Used descriptively, and not capitalized)
  • I am a Belly Pumping Specialist (You are a Core Breathing Belly Pump™ Specialist)
  • You will be Fit For Birth® after training with us; we will get you fit for birth. (Used descriptively, whether or not capitalized, which could jeopardize Fit for Birth’s rights in its brands).

  • This “style guide” offers you, the PregnancySāf™ Licensee, Core Breathing Belly Pumping™ Specialist, and FitForBirth® graduate a set of standards to ensure uniformity in style and formatting wherever the brand is used.  The intention is to ensure that the PregnancySāf™ logo is preserved and used effectively, so that the brand is accurately communicated.  

    Licensees may use the applicable marks as described herein in their marketing, advertising and promotional materials, including for example, on your website pages, social media marketing, documents, signs, walls, etc. You MAY NOT use the PSL logos if you are not a PSL licensee, nor the FitForBirth Logo if you are not a graduate of the PPCES.  

    Colors & Fonts

    For the brighter red:

    • RGB: 156 20 26
    • WEB RGB:  #9C141A

    For the darker red:

    • RGB: 95 19 18
    • WEB RGB:  #5F1312

    What Happens if the mark is used incorrectly?

    Many of us know that companies work hard to turn their brands into household names.  However, using a trademark or brand incorrectly can actually diminish the power of the mark to represent these standards in the public eye.

    It is vitally important to our brands that others use our PregnancySāf™ and Fit For Birth® trademarks correctly. Failing to prevent trademark misuse could result in our brands falling into a category called genericide. Genericide happened to aspirin, elevator & cellophane, each of which started out as a brand before becoming known as the name of the object instead of a brand thereof. Companies like Xerox Corp., the Nat’l Assoc. of Realtors and Kimberly-Clark spend millions to protect their brands (XEROX®, REALTOR® and KLEENEX®) from becoming generic terms. Velcro Industries even went so far as to make (really funny!) videos in hopes of getting people to call its Velcro®  brand product by its generic name, “hook and loop fastener”: Don't Say Velcro and Thank you for your feedback Don't Say Velcro.