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A holistic, and empowering prenatal education course for healthier moms & babies. 

The Fit For Birth 

Prenatal Wellness Course

It can be difficult to find the right guidance for your unique pregnancy journey.

We created something that no other company provides - an educational experience designed from proven methods  in order to empower and guide women in their pregnancies.

Simple changes during pregnancy can impact the health of you and your baby for years to come. 


Birth is your unique journey.

Are you wondering how to make sense of the span of current birth options?

Are looking for reliable information about the kind of birth experience that will best suit your family?

There is so much that we can learn from the way our ancestors birthed. We take a look at what has happened throughout history in birthing culture and outline the information about the modern birth landscape.


Pregnancy from a holistic perspective.

We cover in this course how:

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Thoughts & Emotions
  4. Breath
  5. And Lifestyle

Have big impacts on your well-being as well as the start to a beautiful life for your little one.


Strong mamas birth strong babies.

The Prenatal Wellness Course with Fit For Birth provides you with an Exercise Video Library to not just keep you healthy during your pregnancy but to prevent common problems such as incontinence and diastasis from happening during or after your pregnancy.

You know what everyone says “Pregnancy changes your body”. But this does not mean that you must lose any healthy function, or experience life inconveniently as a result of birth. We are the original developers of holistic pre & postnatal education, and we want to give that knowledge to you as a part of this course! James Goodlatte, Founder of Fit For Birth (and proud father), is one of the world’s leading experts on pre & postnatal fitness.

This is comprehensive, and empowering prenatal education. 
We want you to have the tools you need to have the healthiest baby possible. 


Nutritional guidance for you and your little one. 

What's the difference between folate and folic acid?

What foods can help with fertility and support healthy fetal growth? 

Want some easy recipes to help you kickstart and maintain heathy eating during pregnancy? 

We have researched-and compiled information so you don't have to. Over 100 pages of relevant prenatal nutritional information to help you throughout your pregnancy. 


Your emotions as mom can affect your unborn baby. 

Have you wondered whether your emotions affect your unborn baby? So had we. Not only did we discover that emerging research says, YES, they do; but we decided to build some tools for this course to help your baby connect with your most loving and peaceful emotions. Life is stressful, and pregnancy on top of that can be completely overwhelming. So, our course gives you the chance to break away from all of that stress with soothing meditations to help you relax and reconnect. We are big on guided imagery, so we have built guided meditations into our program, for your upcoming birth experience, so you can feel ready, and emboldened for what is about to occur. 

Not your mama’s prenatal education course

This is a holistic prenatal course built to be dynamic, interactive and beautiful. It’s unlike anything on the market, and we are proud of that!

While you are learning from the comfort of your home, you can enjoy captivating videos, interactive presentations, beautiful stories, guided meditations, delicious recipes and exercise workouts to keep you intrigued throughout the entire 11 hour course.

We know you are busy (you have a life, and you are making life!) so we have split the lessons into short, digestible sections (think, no longer than a podcast) to give you poignant information, in the most stunning formats.

A sneak peak at our interactive course experience!

With Fit For Birth’s Prenatal Wellness Course you will experience an interactive learning experience created to give you the control over your learning speed, navigation and order or learning.


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Outline of Course


The 5 Foundations of Health

Common Pregnancy Considerations


The disempowered, incapable picture of the pregnant woman is a relic of the past.




And Lifestyle

Planning a Safe and Healthy Labor and Arrival for your Baby

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"FFB program inspired me to take ownership of my pregnancy. First of all, it gave me more knowledge and a better understanding of how the modern childbirth system works, which allowed me to make more conscious decisions for me and my baby. Secondly, it provided me with a variety of tools that I used throughout my entire pregnancy, such as the diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation techniques, specific exercises, and much more. I can definitely say that this program made me feel more confident and empowered during this journey."

Lauren Cornago

Take this opportunity to say YES! to a happier healthier pregnancy and baby, today. You will get:

  • Unlimited Access
  • Continuing Support
  • Interactive learning experience with videos, dynamic presentations, meditations, exercise video library, recipes and MORE!
  • Connection to Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialists trained to help women just like YOU feel empowered for their upcoming birth.
  • Learn at your own pace - we made sure the lessons are a digestible length because we know you are busy!
  • Action Lists - practical tips and tricks for your everyday health and in preparation for your birth!
  • Yearly Updates - So when your family grows you can get the most up-to-date information and data out there
  • Try it out and if in your first week you don’t see the value, we will return your investment!

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