Student Spotlight- Maura Shirey


Maura Shirey

Maura Shirey is a Registered Nurse, Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, and Creator & Owner of “Bodies for Birth” in Seattle, Washington. Many of you will recognize the opening caption of her website: “Training for the Ultimate Marathon: Pregnancy, Childbirth & Motherhood.”

Check out her awesome news interview and prenatal fitness demo here (6-min).…guess which exercise she coaches first?!

During her VC session back in 2015, Maura made her intention very clear: “To be a birth and fitness revolutionary. Seriously. I am THAT passionate about healthy moms and babies,” she told us.

Maura is on a mission to change the conversation about exercise during pregnancy. She uses current research and evidence-based practice to bust myths and to provide education. Maura’s intention is to inspire “confidence and strength in both mind and body as women prepare for and recover from one of life’s greatest feats!”

Since completing the Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PPCES) course, Maura continues to revise her ever-evolving curriculum for group and one-on-one services using corrective exercise. She says, “My business continues to grow and I am in the process of securing my own space as opposed to renting at a training studio–yay!”  Maura remembers her VC session with James to be “particularly helpful,” saying, “I have begun to implement the assessment skills …as well as ways to instruct in proper movement patterns, etc.  He also planted some seeds regarding future ideas for my business–thank you!”

The PPCES course, says Maura, has allowed her to “gain assessment skills, coaching skills and a much more comprehensive understanding of corrective exercise and its value–especially for the pre- and postnatal population. I am MUCH better equipped to uncover muscle imbalances AND to provide tools for correction. I can confidently teach diaphragmatic breathing and it has become the absolute foundation of EVERYTHING I do with each and every client.”

She says that she is completely open to where this journey might take her and has already been surprised along the way. She would love to own and operate a holistic women’s health facility where she can collaborate with like-minded practitioners in supporting women throughout the life cycle.

“Above all else,” says Maura, “I am grateful for the incredible gift of doing work I love with women that inspire me.”

You can visit  and show your support for Maura here:  

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Thank you, Maura, for being such an inspired and inspiring leader! The world is a better place with you in it, and we at Fit For Birth are super excited to have you as part of the FFB Team!  

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