Student Spotlight- Amanda Dale

Amanda Dale


Amanda Dale is a personal trainer and group exercise instructor working in Singapore, Southeast Asia. Her fitness brand, ThisFitBlonde, offers a bold and inspiring wake-up call for the average fitness enthusiast. (Check out Amanda’s blog if you’re ready!)  Amanda also plays a role as the Master Trainer for Aquaspin. And if you’ve never seen Aquaspin, please click on the link and watch the 34 second video that will get you up to speed and prove yet again that whenever you think, “What else could possibly be done in fitness?” there’s something just around the corner!

After finding the Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course, Amanda told us, “I wish I had this training years ago. The corrective nature has changed the way I train these women…Also LABOR TRAINING SM, belly training, functional training, which I now use and it’s incredible. My mom’s love it.” The FFB course had a profound impact on Amanda, and she “thinks about belly breathing and alignment in all my class designs now; and I expect more out of my moms-to-be than ever before!”

Since completing the PPCES, Amanda designed and currently teaches the Aquaspin Prenatal class format, “which keeps expecting moms in great shape all the way until delivery day!” Amanda has also seen an increase in clients, “my Fit For Birth training has opened doors to me not only with new personal training clients but in the classes I teach and women I counsel in diet and nutrition.”

Amanda adds, “Prenatal and postpartum fitness is a growing market all over the world, not just in the US! We as certified perinatal fitness professionals have the opportunity to change lives and health outcomes for women everywhere.”

Amanda offers online training in addition to her local sessions in Singapore. Originally born in Bartlett, IL, USA, Amanda and her husband relocated back to Singapore as part of his lifelong dream to return to his hometown. In business, Amanda plans to “start transitioning into more fitness writing, focusing on prenatal health (obviously!) as well as sports nutrition and functional training of all kinds.”

Please visit her on Instagram  Facebook  Blog

We are excited to have Amanda make her mark as a Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist in Singapore, as part of Fit For Birth’s growing international team of professionals! Thank you Amanda, for bringing your enthusiasm with you – it can be felt on your website, in your social media, on your blog, around the world, and we suspect also in your sessions 😉


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