What You'll Learn Inside Our Course
(course curriculum)

Section 1 - Birthing in the Modern World

Experience the past and the present so that you can empower the future. 

The Past
Experience the wildest ride through history, from politics to experiments. Gain a distinct awareness of ancient birthing practices compared with contemporary practices.

The Impending Future
Birth Process Overview gives you a reality check of what the average birth experience is like in many modernized nations. You’ll receive an introduction to the escalating “Three Trends” in birthing: Infertility, Mechanized Childbirth, and Chronic Disease.

The Solution
Empower your understanding of how the medical system works, as well as how to help your client navigate it effectively. Eye opening to say the least, you will be able to counsel your clients to achieve the birth that they want. You’ll also be introduced to the Five Foundations – a complete mind­ body approach to perinatal health.

Critical Nutrition
Introduce yourself to the grave implications of processed foods on pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Take a succinct look at the difference between what our ancestors ate and what we eat today, and how it is affecting our birth outcomes and the health of our unborn children.

Program Design #1
Learn through experience, starting ASAP.

Section 2 - Benefits of Exercise 
During Pregnancy

Enlighten yourself to the astounding research-proven results of exercising while pregnant. 

Possibilities and Preparation
Understand the possibility of pregnancy in a whole new way. Learn how the average mom “trains” for the most important event of her life.

Research Proven Benefits
Know the facts regarding exercise’s role in pain relief, medical interventions, duration, disease, other complications, and some surprising opportunities.

Slippery Slope of C-­section
Understand specifically what your client can expect in the hospital setting. Help your natural-minded clients break the cycle.

Section 3 - Common Pregnancy Considerations

Understand pregnancy and what your clients may experience.
Take a first look at the immediate effects of pregnancy hormones like relaxin and progesterone. Introduction to topics like: diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain, ballistic movements, and lying supine.

Take a unique look at the ACOG exercise guidelines, along with varicose veins.

Metabolism and Nutrition
Discover what the most important nutrient of the unborn child really is. Check out the current research on thermoregulation and fetal health. Dive deeper into “Foods for Pregnancy.” Get an immersion into the natural world of our ancestors and evolutionary biology. You will see documentation of how changing foods drastically affected the physical structure, robustness, and vitality of the newborn, as well as the capacity for the mother to birth.

Section 4 - Musculoskeletal and Physiological Considerations

Discover exactly why Corrective Exercise is the new form of responsible fitness.

Diaphragm, Breathing and Stress
Understand what lies at the cause of nearly all muscle imbalances, including prenatally. Encounter the current fitness doctrine on breathing and reconsider how you train. Receive a new look at “good” versus “bad” stress and how it affects the fetus.

Transverse Abdominis
Understand how the common fitness instructions on core and functional training are often incomplete and sometimes causing imbalance. Find out how pregnancy affects TVA and how to prevent dysfunction.

Pelvic Floor
Learn how the pelvic floor muscles are supposed to act during the birth process, and exactly how important the pelvic floor is for prenatal alignment and function.

Section 5 - Corrective Exercise Coaching Assessment and Skills

Experience a refreshingly simple assessment process that grows with you.

Written and Movement Assessments
Learn the simplicity of the “Big 4 Imbalances and Corrections.” Receive easy to use forms for all assessments:Fit For Birth Client Intake, Fit For Birth Physician’s Consent, Movement Assessment, Cardio Assessment.

Program Design #2
Learn through experience, second time around.

Movement Assessments Detailed
Choose to learn the novice, the master, or both methods of assessing human movement prenatally. Receive both the simplified and the detailed movement assessment charts.

Breathing Assessment
Assess breathing accurately, and why upright and supine breathing skills can display inconsistently in the prenatal client.

Primal Movements Assessment
Assess your clients in the patterns that really matter. There are only six unique movement patterns that your client can select in order to retrieve her soon-to-be crawling baby from the floor. Find simplicity in breaking each movement into one easy-to-use assessment that compliments your current assessment.

Cardio Assessment
Learn how to take a simple step riser or cardio machine to record simple notes that help your prenatal client see her rate of progression improve with your training

Section 6 - Prenatal Program Design

Discover a simple format for creating a prenatal corrective exercise program.

Program Design Fundamentals
Apply periodization and sport-specific protocols to guide your choice in exercise selection, progression, and variables. Learn what not to do with your prenatal clients! Compare functional to machine-based training. Decide how much and what kind of the more controversial modalities (like abdominal, flexibility and cardio training) are right for you and your clients.

Pregnancy Periodization
Learn the Fit For Birth Method, including specific protocols for conducting a personal or group exercise session. Understand exactly how to coach Belly training™, Functional Training and
Birth LABOR TRAINING SM with Mental Imagery.

Prenatal Program Design in Practice
Gain insight by comparing programming variables for both non-pregnant and pregnant populations. Understand how to transition new prenatal clients compared to existing clients who become pregnant.

Preventing and Correcting
How to prevent or correct the following perinatal challenges: diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, round ligament pain, stretch marks, varicose veins, sciatica. Understand concepts behind pregnancy exercise restrictions.

Program Design #3
Learn through experience, now that your awareness is expanding.

Section 7 - Postpartum in the Modern World

Set a solid mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual foundation for your new moms. 

Postpartum Expectations
Understand the delicate postpartum period. Set the stage for discussing your clients’ mental emotional wellbeing using an emotional guidance scale. Understand the benefits of exercise postnatally.

Endocrine System
Understand specific hormonal roles during pregnancy and the changes that occur after delivery, including progesterone, estrogen, prolactin, oxytocin, cortisol, thyroid, vasopressin, and relaxin.

Postpartum Depression
Discover an entirely new way of looking at Postpartum Depression after clearing up the current debates.

Misalignments and Rehabilitations 
Address postpartum postural misalignments, including pelvic bones and inner unit rehabilitation. Diagnose diastasis recti. Learn rehabilitation protocols for C­-section, episiotomy, diastasis recti, over stretched TVA, and traumatized pelvic floor.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss
Compare suggested weight gain guidelines of the past and present, as well as within and outside the United States. Gain a new awareness regarding the emerging trends in modern nations, as well as what is truly possible for today’s women.

Section 8 - Postnatal Program Design

Design solid postnatal programs and convey the message of whole and balanced health and mindset for your clients.

Postpartum Dysfunction
Understand how to differentiate between your client’s wants and needs. Review the average client’s mindset and physical limitations and how to avoid the “postpartum nightmare.”

Postnatal Periodization
Design programs that are appropriate for two postnatal phases: the immediate 6 weeks as well as beyond the first 6 weeks. Learn the Fit For Birth Method – Postnatal, including specific protocols for conducting a personal or group exercise session. Understand how to coach Super-Mom Training and lead Mental Imagery techniques.

Postnatal Program Design
Learn the difference between the postpartum “reconnection” phase and the “initial adaptation” phase, and further discussions on bouncing back to a better body.

Come full circle on the Five Foundation’s complete mind body approach to health. Learn how to see the “bigger picture” and convey postnatal expectations confidently to your client. Connect with your client’s often radical shift and new role in life, and envision a new standard of pre and postnatal wellness for both you and your client.
Program Design #4

* FREE BONUS * ($250 Value)
Course Completion - Live Video Call Assessment

Join With A Fit For Birth Coach To Practice Assessing Your Prenatal Client.

The objective of the Video Call (VC) is for you, the new Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist, to improve upon your level of practical knowledge and application.

The session is not pass/fail! There are three intentions of this VC:

1. To help you improve your skills as a qualified pre and postnatal professional.
2. To join with a Fit For Birth (FFB) Head Coach in finding the primary misalignments or less than optimal function in your client, and help her understand and feel the solution through corrective exercise.
3. To have fun and enjoy the process.

The session is designed to have you practice assessing, training, and inspiring your prenatal or postnatal clients to understand the importance of training with you. This is a great opportunity for you to practice “selling” the impact of your services as a pre and postnatal professional.

Not only will you experience how a Fit For Birth Head Coach performs an assessment, but the client will be gently coached as to how  your corrective exercise awareness makes you the obvious candidate to perform this service. Please expect for you and your client to spend two hours during this VC session. Typically, the client is needed about 15 minutes after the session begins.

You'll also receive CEU's for top certifying organizations.