Student Spotlight- Kendra Leigh Pugh

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Kendra Leigh Pugh is a Group Fitness Manager from Columbus, Ohio. She teaches group fitness, Pilates, and is a personal trainer. She has traveled quite a journey in fitness, starting when she weighed almost 200 pounds in 2010. She says, “my own transformation changed my life.”

Kendra began the Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist for two reasons: (1) She knew that she wanted to work with pre and postnatal clients, and (2) She planned to soon become pregnant herself. “I figured, if I’m going to be my own marketing tool, the best way to do it is to have a super fit pregnancy and dominate my labor and delivery!”

“Completing the course while pregnant was a huge bonus to the curriculum!” says Kendra. Her midwife, who is also her sister, told Kendra “that my breathing and control of contractions was one of the best she’d ever seen (not to brag)!” Kendra says that she fought, focused, and breathed through her 8 hour labor, taking mini naps, and zoning out to let her body recover between contractions. She pushed for 12 minutes. “The icing on the cake,” says Kendra, “was my lil’ man, who was 7lb 1 oz and 20 inches long. He smiled on day one and was lifting his head!”

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“I love everything about the Fit For Birth method and believe in the practice 100%! From start to finish, Fit For Birth made my experience unforgettable. I worked out the entire duration of my pregnancy (taught mat pilates the day before delivery), felt fully prepared going into the hospital and labor, and have felt great after the first few days. I was able to test first-hand all the techniques, diagnose and heal my own diastasis and get a full understanding of the Fit for Birth method and how it can improve the prenatal, labor and delivery experience! I have been beyond thrilled to share this knowledge and my experience with my clients to help spread the word about pre/postnatal fitness and bring back that sense of empowerment to the labor experience.”

Kendra is now working with several gyms to provide a 12 week prenatal strength course, along with a training package to include an assessment, training sessions and workout guides for prenatal women. “When I became pregnant I noticed a lack of strength based offerings; the only prenatal courses were at yoga studios. Fit For Birth has opened up a fantastic opportunity for me to fill the void!”

Kendra, currently finishing up maternity leave, is eager to return and continue with better momentum to grow her pre/postnatal service. In the meantime, she is launching a series of prenatal workout guides on her YouTube Channel over the next few months.

Kendra has also seen an increase in her clients. “So far my clients have raved about the program and the method. My ladies are not due until mid-April, but I’m looking forward to their stories and how FFB helped enhance their labor and delivery experience.”

Kendra’s enthusiasm and passion is remarkable. “I’m forever a trainer! I love helping spread the word about health and fitness. I try to instill change in others that need it, too. Whether that is to lose weight, gain weight, gain strength, performance training, etc. In 5-10 years I’d like to have my own gym.”

Fit For Birth is proud to have been a part of Kendra’s journey, and to have her on our team of wellness professionals worldwide. We wish you and your new family many blessings and the greatest success.

Please check out Kendra’s website and follow the impact she’s making in women’s lives at and

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