Spotlight: Niki Klasnic’s “Sugary Six Pack” is 400k Followers Strong

Behind that “Sugary Six Pack” is the personal trainer and holistic nutrition coach, Niki Klasnic.  Niki has earned an amazing Vlog following on Instagram (366k), Facebook (40k) , and Youtube (20k) by sharing workouts, fitness and health tips, along with positivity!  

If you’re curious, join her for this 25min Bodyweight HIIT workout she leads from the comfort of her 3rd trimester 🙂

Niki’s intention is to share workouts that are easy to fit into people’s busy lives; things they can do at home, with minimal equipment in order to keep fitness fun and interesting.  She says, “I love to share things that I’m going through or things that I’ve dealt with in the past and how I handled it; what got me through it, or mindset help that I wish I would have known, or that helped me in those situations.”

Visiting offers visitors to sign up for her “Six Minute Six Pack E-book,” a 12 week “Get Fit Guide”  as well as a “Get Fit Kit.” Bubbly and animated, Nikki’s Vlog offers numerous workouts to follow along with her, as well as health coaching tips like:

Relating to her audience is important to Niki, who hopes they gain insight for themselves.  She says, “I find that I’m always talking about ‘finding the blessing’ or ‘the lesson’ in situations that may at first seem only negative, because that helps us grow and to be better able to handle challenges in the future. I also talk a lot about not having to be perfect to make progress and giving our best every day even if it’s not our absolute best.”

As a PPCES and PPDCC graduate, Niki says that she has been “emphasizing diaphragmatic breathing and actively using the Core Breathing Belly Pump™ through pregnancy safe workouts!  I’m so grateful that I found these courses. It’s really been a great way for me to take what I already knew to a whole new level that is more effective and can have a massive impact for a group of women that get bombarded with so much crazy information!”

Since Niki is currently pregnant (due June 15, 2018) she says that FFB courses have had an even more incredible impact.  “I definitely understand so much more clearly why pre and postnatal moms need people that know what they’re doing to help them through their pregnancy and make it the best and most empowering experience possible. I love that I can do that now!”

“I’ve had a lot of people say that they’ve seen my posts and have been inspired to stay active during their pregnancy which makes me so happy!  Exercise plays such a huge role in a healthy pregnancy and birth so if I can help spread the word that keeping active is healthy and not harmful for mom or baby, I’m grateful.”

Sugary Six Pack has been around for almost 4 years now, and Niki plans to accelerate change in the pre and postnatal world by creating pre and postnatal programs that are challenging and empowering.  “There is such a hole that needs filled in the fitness industry. We’re just not serving them as best we can yet and I hope to help with that!”

We at Fit For Birth agree, Niki, and we are proud to have you representing pre & postnatal fitness alongside us!

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