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What you get in this course is the truth about pre and postnatal wellness from every angle imaginable. This is not just about the ACOG guidelines with a traditional look at exercise and nutrition. What you get in this course is the “other side” of the pre and postnatal world. This course is an investigative uncovering of the unknown and shocking issues occurring in the world of birth right now. Somewhere along the way, you will know exactly how to help your clients choose the fertility, birth, and delivery pathway that is right for them, as well as how to coach corrective exercise to reduce and avoid a myriad of common pregnancy complaints.

This course compares modern practices in living with research on how our ancestors lived and birthed, keeping one question in mind:

Why are rates of infertility,and infant chronic disease at all time highs and rising faster than we can seem to control? These are what we call “the three trends.”

“This course has really been an amazing experience! The amount of detail and resources provided is amazing. I have so many books to read to help me expand my knowledge on various subjects from pregnant women to water intake to corrective exercise. Midway through this course I was able to help my parents improve their breathing and deep squat, all from a course dedicated to the pregnant client! The ability to apply these concepts to a wide array of clients is valuable beyond belief. This course is a must for all trainers because it goes so much deeper than the pregnant client, its for ALL human beings! THANK YOU!”

Brian Morris

Certified Personal Trainer

What To Expect

Prenatal Section 1: Birthing in the Modern World (Preview)

There are many who have argued that a woman’s body has one purpose: to successfully birth. Successful birth starts by upholding a body healthy enough to attract a mate. It is then dependant upon the maintenance of a body healthy enough to implant a fertilized egg. Soon-to-be-Mom must then have an adequate level of health to nurture the fetus optimally for the nine months of pregnancy. The pregnant mom is then asked to expend all of her health and vitality towards an intense labor that generally lasts 12-24 hours.

New mom must then have the health reserves to begin the demanding act of caring for a newborn, complete with sleepless nights and constant vigilance. It is imperative that a pregnant mom does everything in her power to maximize her health, for her own sake, and for the sake of her child.

One of the most important foundations for a healthy pregnant body is exercise. For millions of years, women have evolved in an environment that literally forced them to move throughout the day, every day. The pregnant human body has evolved not only to benefit from movement, but also to
movement on a daily basis. And for the entirety of human history, babies have maximized their growth process inside the incubation of active moms. Let there be no mistake that daily movement is an evolutionary requirement for a happy healthy pregnancy and baby.

How can such a dramatic claim be made? Millions of years of evolution were followed by a single century of automobiles, elevators, and desk jobs. For much of the last century, 97% of women in the United States did not move frequently enough to fit into the following category of exercise: three times per week, 30 minutes, with the intensity of dog walking.

Just because you have a career as an exercise professional and everyone you know seems to exercise, you may not have seen what’s going on behind the scenes. It is sad enough to think that most dogs may never enjoy regular walks, and therefore cannot meet their own requirements for a healthy existence. But there are far more scary statistics. If a healthy body is in fact needed to produce a healthy pregnancy and infant, and modern society isn’t participating anymore, we might ask if there are any interesting trends emerging in the last few decades…

The answer is “yes.”

Today, it is estimated that one in eight couples in the United States are infertile. In the United Kingdom, that figure is one in seven. In Canada, it is one in six. Of those who can conceive, one of every three deliveries will be performed via major surgery and the majority will occur under the billow of drugs. Today, it is possible to say that nearly one of every two children born will quickly acquire a disease or developmental disorder like autism, asthma, diabetes, obesity, or ADHD. Possibly half of the population will arrive with a pre-determined debilitating chronic ailment, and the trend is rising.

To be sure, there are many factors that combine to hurt or help the health of our pregnant mothers and their babies. Exercise is a powerful factor. Combine exercise with proper breathing and mental imagery de-stressing techniques, as you will be taught in this course, and the fitness professional can help dramatically change the tragic trend we face in today’s modern birthing nightmare.

Course Curriculum

  • What To Expect
  • Meet Fit For Birth
  • Prenatal Section 1: Birthing in the Modern World
  • Prenatal Section 2: Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Prenatal Section 3: Common Pregnancy Considerations
  • Quiz: Prenatal Sections 1, 2, and 3
  • Prenatal Section 4: Musculoskeletal and Physiological Considerations
  • Quiz: Prenatal Section 4
  • Prenatal Section 5A: Assessing Prenatal Muscle Balance
  • Prenatal Section 5B: Corrective Exercise Coaching Skills
  • Quiz: Prenatal Section 5
  • Prenatal Section 6: Prenatal Program Design
  • Postnatal Section 1: Postpartum in the Modern World
  • Postnatal Section 2: Postnatal Program Design & Conclusion
  • Quiz: Postnatal Section 2
  • Video Call Session with a Fit For Birth Head Coach

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