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Miami, FL 

Whether you’re a personal trainer, health coach, midwife, doctor, doula, physical therapist, pilates instructor, yoga instructor, massage therapist, or other wellness professional, this course will give you an eye-opening look into the world of perinatal fitness.

This course is built for the wellness and fitness professional who realises the massive market potential in the prenatal market. This 3-day experience is built to help you understand: 

1. Pre and postnatal physical changes that affect the changing female body before during and after childbirth.

2. The role of the pelvic floor in birth - how to train it, how to strengthen it, and how to make sure your client has optimal functionality for birth and beyond. 

3. The Core Breathing Belly PumpTM -  We pioneered the exercise method that has become a hot topic in pre & post natal wellness. Come and learn from the developers of this exercise method, the ins and outs of pre-natal breath, how to coach clients in "hugging their baby" and how the diaphragm supports a changing pre & post natal body. 

4. We all learn better when we have hands-on experience. If anything from this weekend will give you the confidence to work with pre & postnatal clients, our sections that give you the change to apply your knowledge with volunteers will!

There's so much to gain by joining us for an event that will propel your authority in Pre & Postnatal fitness! 

 Join us in order to gain the confidence, inspiration, and motivation to fix the most common pregnancy and postpartum complaints and discomforts, changing the world along the way. 

Fit For Birth Founder &

Event Facilitator

Leading Pre & Postnatal 

Fitness Coach

James Goodlatte

"I know what it’s like to love something, to live it and breathe it, and to be it in every way."

James Goodlatte is a Holistic Health Coach, corrective exercise practitioner, speaker, author, and professional educator.  His passion that ignited FFB was to heal families by inspiring the use of natural methods and by building a global team of fitness & health professionals to reduce infertility, avoid mechanized childbirth, and reduce chronic disease in our infants. 
As the founder of Fit For Birth, Inc, he is a driving force for providing Continuing Education Credits for the pre and postnatal world. As a writer, his articles have been published in a dozen languages and have inspired contact from pre and postnatal women, as well as health professionals in over 150 countries.


We believe that this course, and event will meet and exceed your expectations. In the first day of our course we know that you will learn things that will change the way you see, and feel about birth culture. We know that the experience that you will have with us will provide you with the opportunity to be a better trainer, run a more successful business, and connect to pre & postnatal clients as a source that they can trust. 

We want to back up that claim. If at the end of the first day of the course you are not completely satisfied we will give you the cost of the course back.* We hope that you will join us for this amazing experience! 

*You would pay only for the cost of printed materials.