Live Workshop: Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist, Nashville, TN Earn CEUs for NASM and NCSF

August 10, 11, & 12 2012 (Fri, Sat, & Sun) 1-7PM

Nashville, TN

Course Description
Live Workshop + Home Study, 20 contact hours

18 hours-Live Workshop

2 hours-Manual & Quizzes (Home Study)

We need a minimum of 6 attendees. Please sign up as early as possible so we can make this happen!

I will add a count down as soon as the first person signs up. If there are not 10 attendees signed up by October 1, you will receive a full refund or the option to register for the Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist Correspondence Course.

Approved for 1.9 NASM credits and 6 NCSF credits

Participants will leave the course with an in depth understanding of EXERCISE, CORE-BREATHING, and STRESS applicable to Pre & Post Natal Clients. Major areas of focus include:

  • Benefits of exercise during pregnancy that prevent complications and cause stunning health benefits to both mom and baby.
  • Detriments of the lack of exercise during pregnancy.
  • A comparison of modern childbirth trends and research compared to historical, ancient and natural wisdom.
  • Core “Inner Unit” training, particularly understanding the Diaphragm, Transverse Abdominis, and Pelvic Floor muscles.
  • Formal Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Assessment, both novice and master approaches in functional training.
  • Program Design and Periodization before and after delivery. “Sport (Pregnancy) Specific” LABOR TRAINING SM® and Belly Training®.
  • Preventing, correcting, and supporting common pregnancy and postpartum challenges like diastasis recti, symphasis pubis disorder, varicose veins, lying supine, post-partum depression, C-section rehabilitation.
  • The role of proper breathing in detoxification, mindfulness, correcting muscle imbalances, and preparing for birth.
  • Understanding sympathetic and parasympathetic hormonal pathways and techniques for calming the mind and de-stressing.
  • Expected weight gains, losses, and the big picture for returning the new mom to her pre-pregnancy body.
  • Connecting and empathizing with the “inconvenience” of being a new mom amidst a modern world increasingly centered around convenience.


Day 1 (1-7pm)

A. Fit for Birth
B. Why are you here? What are you interested to learn?
C. Brief Outline of Course

II. First Exercise Program Creation-Quick
One day, 9 month plan, suggestions for 6 weeks postnatal

III. Health and Birth in a Nutshell
A. The 5 Foundations
B. Brief History of Childbirth
C. The Birth Process Overview
D. Pregnancy—Wearing the “Weight Vest”
E. Labor & Delivery—Mom’s First Marathon!

IV. Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy
A. Babies
B. Mothers
C. Slippery Slope of C-Section

V. Common Pregnancy Considerations
A. Hormones
B. Cardiorespiratory
C. Metabolic

IMAGERY: Diaphragmatic Breathing Detox & Relaxation
BREAK FOR LUNCH—(3:30-4:30pm)
IMAGERY: Birthing Room

VI. Musculoskeletal Considerations
A. Stress
B. Diaphragm
D. Pelvic Floor

VI. Assessment of the Pregnant Client
A. The “Big Four” Muscle Imbalances
B. Breathing and the Six Primal Movements

VII. Second Exercise Program Creation
A. One day, 9 month plan, suggestions for first 6 weeks postnatal
B. Group Open Creation

Day 2 (1-7pm)

I. Pregnancy Periodization
A. Traditional Periodization

B. The Fit For Birth Approach
1. Belly Training
2. Functional Training
4. Imagery/Flexibility Training

C. Preventing and Correcting

D. Pregnancy Exercise Restrictions

II. Third Program Creation-Full
A. Assessment
B. One day & 9 month plan
C. Suggestions for first 6 weeks postnatal
D. Group Open Creation

IMAGERY: Electric Field
BREAK FOR LUNCH—(3:30-4:30pm) (Optional 30min Exercise Routine)
IMAGERY: Peptides of Emotion

III. Considerations for the Postnatal Client
1. Delicate Postpartum, Mentally and Physically
2. Inner Unit Rehabilitation

IV. Post Natal Program Design—The Fit For Birth Method
A. Single Session
B. First 6 Weeks
C. First 12 Weeks
D. Long-term Periodization

V. Post Natal Program Creation-Full
1. Assessment
2. One Day & Periodized Approach
3. Group Open Creation

Day 3 (1-7pm)

I. Practical

  • Assessment
  • Functional Exercises
  • Program Design

VI. CD Review + Fit For Birth’s Prenatal Holistic Health Coach Program

VII. Evaluations

Nashville, TN