Nurturing healthier moms and babies preconception to postpartum.

Fit For Birth is the world's leading,

holistic Pre & Postnatal education company.

We are here to empower you to have the healthiest, happiest pregnancy and baby possible. 

For a decade, we have brought holistic, researched based resources to mamas and mamas-to-be, all over the world.


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Enjoy these 5 prenatal meditations built to help you breathe and connect with your body and baby. We know that babies feel what moms feel in the womb, and we have built a series of meditations to help your baby feel at ease, while you connect with the beautiful changes happening to your miracle-making self.

Listen to enjoy, listen to relax, listen to visualize the beautiful unfolding of childbirth you have ahead of you.

To find out more about the effects that a mother’s emotions can have on her unborn baby click here.

For most women, childbirth will be the most physically and psychologically challenging experience of a mom's life.
That's why we refer to labor as, the birth marathon. 

How will you prepare?

The Fit For Birth Philosophy:
The 5 Foundations of Pre & Postnatal Health

You’ll be introduced to the Five Foundations¹ of Pre & Postnatal Health, with an emphasis in these five areas:

Core Breathing

  • Diaphram as the primary core muscle
  • Core Breathing Belly Pump™ brand of exercise
  • Breathing as the foundation of de-stressing and natural childbirth


  • Learn the benefits that exercise has on baby
  • Fitness programs to help you throughout your pregnancy


  • Coping during pregnancy in the world of "information overload"
  • How to reduce stress during pregnancy
  • Guided imagery techniques
  • Get knowledge and support for postpartum depression


  • Powerful and concise introduction to nutrition
  • Learn how our prenatal ancestors ate
  • Learn the most important nutrient for your unborn baby


  • Household Toxins - How environmental factors affect fertility and prenatal health 
  • Sleep / Circadian rhythms
  • Learn the importance of creating “the village” 

Want to learn more about the 5 Foundations of Pre & Postnatal Health?

Learn more about how Fit For Birth has been working with moms-to-be for a decade, building healthier moms and healthier babies

"The Fit For Birth program inspired me to take ownership of my pregnancy.  First of all, it gave me more knowledge and a better understanding of how the modern childbirth system works, which allowed me to make more conscious decisions for myself and my baby. Secondly, it provided me with a variety of tools that I used throughout my entire pregnancy, such as the diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation techniques, specific exercises, and much more. I can definitely say that this program made me feel more confident and empowered during this journey."

Laura Cornago
Personal Trainer
Miami, FL, USA

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¹ The Five Foundations were born thanks to the teachings of Paul Chek and the great courses of the, whom we admire but are not affiliated with or endorsed by. Please visit them for additional holistic courses.