Student Spotlight- Stephanie Payne

Stephanie Payne




Stephanie Payne is a Certified Personal Trainer in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area. A few exciting things have occurred for her since completing Fit For Birth’s Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist course. One is that Stephanie has taken over the Mom’s Fit Club at a local athletic club, running classes that benefit new moms and moms-to-be. Stephanie is also in the beginning stages of forming her own business, “Payne it Forward Personal Training,” which offers online training and prenatal training at In addition, Stephanie obtained a running certification and plans to support prenatal moms as they run through pregnancy.  She says that the Fit For Birth course “made me realize how much pregnant women can and should do.”

Stephanie says that she has seen an increase in clients since taking the Fit For Birth Course. “I have had friends, and friends of friends reach out to me because they know I have my certification and that gives them comfort. Having my certification has also made me an asset to fellow trainers who can come to me for questions or concerns about training prenatal and postnatal clients.”

Stephanie is currently working toward promoting fitness for moms specifically, while still training a wide array of clientele. She trains online, in-home, and runs boot camp style classes for local running and mountain biking groups, highlighting the benefits of strength training. She says, “I love creating workouts and plans for people and doing what I can to help them achieve their goals.”

Stephanie would like to keep building a business that caters to various clients. She uses her Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist credentials to set her apart by “providing clients with the benefit of my experience with fitness and pregnancy as well as the knowledge I gained through Fit for Birth.”

She would love to connect with other Pre and Post Natal Certified Trainers in her area to share ideas, information, and more.

You can find more information about Stephanie at or on Facebook: Stephanie Payne CPT and Stephanie Colvin Payne.  Contact Stephanie by emailing her at

Thank you, Stephanie, for the passionate work that you are doing in this field!  We, at Fit For Birth, are very excited to see you and your business flourish.

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