Student Spotlight- Olivia Cagle

Olivia Cagle


Olivia Cagle

Olivia Cagle is a corrective exercise specialist in Amarille, Texas.  Since completing the Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course, she has been working online and in-person with prenatal and postnatal women.  She is currently creating a Diastasis Awareness Fitness Program to help women heal, and is also creating a 6 week online prenatal bootcamp.  Olivia says that Fit For Birth’s Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise course has changed her entire outlook on exercise.

“Having a strong “inner core” should be our base for everything. The course has helped heal my back as well.”

Olivia plans to create different bootcamps and online courses to help not only pregnant moms but also non-pregnant moms. “How to exercise is being taught incorrectly in a lot of arenas and I want to help educate mommies. There is a huge trend towards mechanized birth in our society, but birth should be considered a natural and beautiful process. My desire is to weave natural birthing tips into my courses.”

You can find more information about Olivia at and  You can also follow her on Instagram: @OliviaCagle and Twitter: @OliviaCagle.

Olivia Cagle2
Thank you, Olivia, for the passionate work that you are doing in this field!  We, at Fit For Birth, are very excited to see you and your business flourish.

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