Creating A Deeper Bond With Your Unborn Child Through Exercise

A pregnant mom’s thoughts and feelings affect her unborn child. “Through the study of perinatal and prenatal psychology we know that the embryo begins learning and accumulating memory from the very beginning of its life in utero. Therefore our personal choices and actions when pregnant have significant impact upon the forming of the baby, his future, his coping mechanisms, his ability to grow and learn, and his relationship with all that surrounds him.” Guidetta Torneta, Painless Childbirth.

Every pregnant mom wants a happy and healthy baby. They may quit smoking or drinking alcohol, and they might choose healthier foods or start an exercise program to create a healthier lifestyle. It is now scientifically proven that there is another component that affects a baby’s health: her mother’s thoughts and feelings during pregnancy. Dr. Verny author of Nurturing the Unborn Child says, “No one doubts that the mother’s diet is important to the developing baby…” but “sensation, feeling, and thought—immerse the unborn child in a primordial world of experience, continuously directing the development of the mind. If you do your best to remain calm during your pregnancy and communicate a sense of love to your unborn baby, you will be contributing immensely to the emotional and physical health of your child for the rest of his life”. Pregnancy is a special time that a woman can rebirth herself to become the woman and mom she desires to be, as well as shape the way her baby experiences and responds to the world.

As a Pre and Post Natal Health Coach, it is inspiring to see the life changes a pregnant mom makes to nurture her unborn child. One of the fastest growing trends that I have recently seen is the recognition of how important it is for pregnant women to connect and consciously share love with their unborn babies. This can be done in many ways such as: dreaming, talking to the baby, massaging the baby, meditating, writing to the baby, singing to the baby, dancing with the baby, thinking of the baby, visualizing… For some pregnant moms this is already a natural part of daily life. For others it may feel uncomfortable, foreign, or they simply may not know the depth of relationship they can develop with their unborn children.

One way to incorporate physical fitness and create a deep bond with your unborn baby is by using a style of exercise called Labor Training™. Labor Training™ was originally developed to train the pregnant mom and baby for the rigors of childbirth, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is an exercise sequence that mimics the timing, intensity, energy and rest periods of labor contractions. As I continued to coach pregnant moms and myself through Labor Training™ I recognized that with a little bit of tweaking, this style of exercise could be done any time throughout the day as an activity to consciously connect and bond to the unborn child.

Labor Training™ with the purpose of connecting and sending love to your unborn baby is simple! Reserve 5 to 10 minutes of your day to be outside, preferably in nature. Perform an exercise you enjoy, one that will get the muscles working and blood pumping. For Example:
Take a 1 to 2 minute swim in a natural body of water. Really pump those legs, move those arms, get your heart rate up. Now hold onto a floating device, rest your head, let your body relax in the water and take a few deep breaths. Take the next minute or two to consciously calm your heart rate. Place your hand on your belly and tell your baby you love him. You may share your words verbally or through your thoughts. Repeat this exercise one or two more times. If the water is too cold, try to find a heated saltwater pool to perform the exercise.


If you’re out for a walk, speed up enough to challenge your breathing (perhaps walking up stairs). Then find a bench, or lie in the grass, and take a moment to rest and connect.

This style of training is extremely effective for connecting to your unborn baby

  1. Exercise produces endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body.
  2. Physical Exercise is a known de-stressor, and can reduce tension. It tires the muscles thus allowing them to relax. Relaxed muscles contribute to a relaxed mind, allowing for the space to truly connect.
  3. Nature makes us feel awake and alive.
  4. Thoughts that infuse the developing baby with a sense of happiness or calm can set the stage for a balanced and happy life.

Enjoy the connection you have made and know your baby has felt your love.


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