Do Your Thoughts Affect Your Unborn Baby?

Do you know your unborn baby is a deeply sensitive individual who forms a powerful relationship with his or her parents, and the outside world, while still in the womb?

Much research has been done to prove how the link between negative thoughts, emotions, and the stress response injures the unborn child while optimism and loving emotions nurture your unborn baby.

In Biology of Belief, cell biologist, neuroscientist, and Stanford researcher, Bruce Lipton, PhD, discusses how thoughts “perceived by their mothers before birth” allow the unborn infant to “optimize their genetic and physiologic development.”

Environmental Signals can determine what the genes do. Lipton writes, “Genes are not destiny! Environmental influences, including nutrition, stress and emotions, can modify those genes, without changing their basic blueprint. And those modifications, epigeneticists have discovered, can be passed on to future generations.”

It is important to understand why it is important to communicate love and acceptance to the baby you carry within. You may already know your unborn baby can see, hear, and remember (depending on how many weeks gestation s/he is) but do you know you can communicate in a way to nurture calm and soothing, preparing him/her for a life of confidence and ease.

Do you know psychologist now contend, prenatal life and the birth experience are often profound determinants of human personality and aptitude. Psychologists have traced such qualities as self confidence, depression, and addictive behavior to experiences in the womb. (Thomas Verny, Nurturing the Unborn Child)

Knowing these findings, would you like to optimize the emotional and intellectual potential of your baby?

This is exactly what you will learn to do in this weekly newsletter. You will receive scientifically proven exercises for relaxing and nurturing yourself as well as stimulating your unborn baby. When you are able to relax yourself you will eliminate or reduce the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline which may flow across the placental wall to reach your unborn baby!

Here are a few good quotes to keep you excited for the upcoming weeks:

Dr. Oz said that the roots of each person’s obesity, aging, and beauty “go all the way back to the womb and the choices our mother’s made way back then.”

Positive thoughts may be the ultimate health tip for a pregnant woman: “That growth-promoting awareness and intention can produce a smarter, healthier and happier baby,” Bruce Lipton, PhD, Biology of Belief.

“Pregnancy is not just something that is happening to you; it is a miraculous unfolding that you are co creating. For nine months, you are your baby’s environment, and your baby is affected by each one of your experiences.” Deepak Chopra, MD, Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives

Nurturing Happy Healthy Babies
With Love,
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