Student Spotlight- Joanie Johnson

Joanie Johnson

Joanie Johnson is unleashing a prenatal fitness revolution in New York City (NYC). She has co-launched NYC’s first fitness studio devoted entirely to pre and postnatal fitness, right on Broadway, in the heart of Manhattan!  FPC, which stands for “Fit Pregnancy Club” is “tired of workouts that treat pregnancy like an illness or put our bodies and babies in compromising positions…Think of it as personal training together with your community of like-minded women.” (

To go along with her grand opening, Joanie has gotten a ton of attention, with stories that: Mention her Fit For Birth Training: This New Fitness Club for Pregnant Women is Definitely NOT What You’d Expect When You’re Expecting,” and Co-interview FPC alongside The Bloom Method (Co-developer of FFB’s PPDCC): More Women Are Working Out To Prepare for Pregnancy.” And check out her first couple of exercises in this article: 6 Exercises to Jumpstart Your Postpartum Workout Plan;” our bet is that you’ll recognize them.

FPC is “tired of workouts that treat pregnancy like an illness…

Joanie originally came to NYC as a professional dancer and for the last six years has done in-home personal training and health coaching throughout NYC. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Fit For Birth Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PPCES) graduate [in the midst of obtaining her Fit For Birth – Pre & Post Natal Diastasis and Core Consultant (PPDCC)], her Brooklyn-based business is also specialized in Pre & Postnatal. ( “BodyBond Fitness” addresses “specific muscular imbalances and the core fundamentals needed to strengthen, rebalance and restore your body, mind and soul.  And no worries if you don’t have child care. Babies make great weights!”

It was after completing the PPCES and having her own child that Joanie expanded her business to include pre and postnatal clients. And what a powerful expansion it has been. Joanie told us, “After going through pregnancy and postpartum recovery myself, I decided to focus solely on the pre and postnatal world. I developed a free online course teaching women the importance of and how to perform belly pump breathing during pregnancy.  I filmed a prenatal fitness video when I was 8 months pregnant and just released my online fitness course that includes two prenatal workouts and the education on how to exercise safely during pregnancy.”

Joanie compares her personal training before and after her prenatal knowledge, “Before I was marketing myself as a trainer for anyone that wanted a personal trainer.  Now I market to pre/postnatal women who are looking to increase and maintain strength during pregnancy. Having a very specific niche market has helped with marketing, development and focusing on that niche has allowed me to become an expert in my field.”

“I realized how revolutionary this certification is,” says Joanie, referring to the PPCES. “It’s doing so much more than other certifications and I was surprised by how many instructors and classes I would take that didn’t have up to date or worse, incorrect information! When I was pregnant, I wanted to continue working out at my same fitness level and not just take prenatal yoga. I developed my own workout using the skills I learned at Fit for Birth, my years as a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, professional dancer and years of teaching in the fitness industry. Out of that came my program: BodyBond.” “Bond with your body. Energize your mind. Revive your soul.” And now, BodyBond will be the signature workout at FPC!

Joanie will continue to grow BodyBond and FPC. “Within 5 years, we’re hoping to open up multiple studios across the city. In 10 yrs, my hope is that FPC goes mainstream and makes a positive change in the way women work out during pregnancy.”

I developed my own workout using the skills I learned at Fit for Birth, my years as a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, professional dancer and years of teaching in the fitness industry. Out of that came my program: BodyBond.

Joanie is “thankful everyday for finding the Fit for Birth course. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to change my entire career. I know that I have the most up to date information and because of that, I have no hesitation or doubt when I’m working with my clients. Thanks for staying on top of the constantly changing information James + team!”  

Joanie is living in Brooklyn with her husband, daughter and the world’s greatest dog, Maurice.

We are so proud to have Joanie as part of the FFB Team! Thank you for so boldly empowering minds and bodies for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond. Today we will sign off as Joanie does…. with Love & Leafy Greens 

James & the FFB Team 

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