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Saleemah Allen


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When Saleemah Allen joined the Fit For Birth movement, she was a childbirth educator, lactation consultant and prenatal yoga teacher based in Atlanta, Georgia.  She combined her passion for yoga with her passion for birth, and is the leader of Atlanta Prenatal Yoga & Pregnancy Training (, supporting women through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond!

Since completing the Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course, Saleemah says, “I expanded my prenatal yoga business tremendously to include both pre and postnatal personal training.”   It is also evident that her other clients have been benefitting, stating that, “By including the principles of Belly Training, proper alignment, and diaphragmatic breathing that I learned through Fit for Birth, my yoga clients receive these wonderful benefits even when they are not personal training with me.”

“I am able to see women through one of the most significant periods in their lives.”

Saleemah says that the Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course, “has been great for my business and me because I have been able to apply many of the principles with myself (still a breastfeeding/postpartum mom) and with my clients. Even though I held a certificate in personal training, I was never comfortable enough in my knowledge and skill set to advertise myself as such. Fit for Birth has really given me the foundational tools that I need to train pregnant and new mommas with confidence and clarity. I work with moms on a weekly basis and my clientele, both private and group, continues to expand. I am now in the process of creating a complete online program for postpartum exercise, nutrition, and diastasis recti healing for new moms. Which is a direct result of the education that I received through Fit for Birth!”

You can follow the impact she’s making in women’s lives on Facebook:

From our very first communication with Saleemah, before she had joined the Fit For Birth Team, we could see that enthusiasm and curiosity drives her.  She was eager to learn and it was clear that her “passionate curiosity” was a driving force behind her personality, and likely behind her success.  Thank you, Saleemah, for the devoted work that you are doing in our field. May your passionate curiosity continue to drive your business to more and more success as you bring positive change to the lives of women!



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