The History of Childbirth
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Learn the exact trends of modern birth culture to understand how to become a pre & postnatal fitness authority.

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Women are demanding that fitness professionals step up their pre & postnatal education and become trusted members of their pregnancy and recovery team.

Fit For Birth has matched the demand with highly researched and innovative content to help you step into this role with confidence.

Hi, I'm James Goodlatte, founder of Fit For Birth, Inc, Holistic Health Coach, father, corrective exercise practitioner, speaker, author, and professional educator.

"Modern nations are experiencing extremely high rates of births requiring medications and surgeries and infertility in rates nearly as high as one in six couples.  

At the same time, there is a growing trend of women seeking Complementary & Alternative Medicine. That is great news for trainers who are properly trained in pre & postnatal corrective exercises. This translates into huge potential for increasing your income and meeting the needs for women by fixing the most common pregnancy and postpartum complaints and discomforts with our holistic corrective approach."

Begin to learn how to get results with your perinatal clients - without limiting or out-dated beliefs.

As the #1 Holistic Pre and Postnatal Certification provider, Fit For Birth is uniquely positioned to help you become an authority with this under-served population. Receive one new video each day - or choose to complete the entire course on your own time.

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"History of Childbirth" and you'll discover:

  • three startling trends of modern childbirth (must-knows for fitness professionals with pre & postnatal clients)
  • the evolutionary reasons why fertility, childbirth, and babies' health present challenges now 
  • birthing by women for women, versus the business of birthing
  • ramifications of drugs originally intended to help
  • are dangerous cycles in birth culture really a thing of the past?

I REALLY enjoyed the history of childbirth segment. Starting with that information on childbirth really set the stage. I talk to my clients often about certain aspects of what we learned and they are completely fascinated. I LOVED everything about the Fit for Birth training.

Brooke Cates, Founder - The Bloom Method

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culture to understand how to become a

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