Belly Wrapping During Pregnancy: Rebozos, Belly Bandit, Splint

Q: What does Fit for Birth think about using rebozos for wrapping belly and pelvis postpartum? Would you say it is recommendable? And I suppose I could extend my question to all belly wrapping postpartum (Belly Bandit, the splint from Tupler Technique etc.): Is it any good? Will they help shrink waists/bellies and relieve PGP (obviously in combination with proper functional exercises).

A: I believe that tools like the Rebozo, Belly Bandit, and Splint can have a place in rehabilitation, therapy, and prevention of pregnancy complaints. I also believe that the foundation of a health and complaint-free pregnancy is better placed upon properly functioning muscles and correct alignment.

Consider that weight belts, for example, are no longer considered optimal tools in the functional weight room.  Why is this?  We found out that using an external support like the weight belt allows our internal support like our muscles to weaken; to not do their natural job.

However, we do live in a modern age of rampant biomechanical dysfunction. Therefore, these “wraps” can be and sometimes may really need to be used as a support during pregnancy.  The key is to use it in conjunction with corrective exercise techniques.  

For example, if a woman is walking around in serious pain from a belly and TVA  that is overstretched and hanging out, she could use the support for some hours of the day.  As she begins her corrective exercise routine, learns how to activate her proper belly pump mechanics, and makes other corrections in her function, she should feel less need to use the support.  As such, she can reduce the number of hours wearing the support.  As long as she and you hold the intention that the ultimate goal is for her muscles to do the job that they are supposed to do 24/7, I say you’re going in the right direction.


James Goodlatte is a Pre & Post Natal Holistic Health Coach whose passion is to heal families by inspiring the use of natural methods and by building a global team of fitness & health professionals to reduce infertility, avoid mechanized childbirth, and lower chronic disease in our infants.  As the founder of Fit For Birth, Inc., he is a driving force for providing Continuing Education Credits for the Pre and Post Natal World.  As a writer, his articles have been published in a dozen languages and have inspired contact from Pre & Post Natal women as well as health professionals in over 150 countries.

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