Diaphragmatic Breathing for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Today’s focus is on diaphragmatic breathing.
What is a diaphragmatic breath?

A diaphragmatic breath means you use your primary breathing muscle to draw air deep into your lower lungs. This appears to fill the tummy, sides, low back, and lower ribs with air, followed by filling the chest only after. The more you see or feel the torso,rather than the chest move the stronger your diaphragm is. Most women (and men)will fill their chest first and have very little movement come from their ribs, tummy, and back.

Why is diaphragmatic breathing important?

Proper function of the primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm, is absolutely critical for appropriate core function. The diaphragm is the most important muscle in the body for multiple reasons, not least of which is that its weakness is often the key underlying muscle imbalance that causes all other muscle imbalances.

If you would like a breathing assessment please contact us to setup a video conference session.

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