Getting to Know Your Core Muscles During Pregnancy

Getting to Know Your TVA

What is the transverse abdominis?

It is a muscle layer of the anterior and lateral abdominal wall . It is thought to be a significant component of the core. Basically the
TVA is a key muscle for stabilizing the thoracic spine. It should fire (contract) with every movement you make, voluntary or involuntary.

Why is working the transverse abdominis important?

It affects the likelihood of injury during exercise. It affects
the likelihood of suffering diastasis recti and back pain. It
affects the size of your belly, your sense of comfort or discomfort
throughout pregnancy, and your self-consciousness about how “big” you are getting.

How to check if your TVA is functioning:

Put your fingers a few inches below your belly button and cough.
Does your belly go out (distend) or draw in? If it distends your TVA is not functioning optimally.

Whether your TVA is functioning optimally or not, it is a muscle that needs continuous training! Enjoy TVA Leg Lifts.Next week, strengthening the upper body!

If you would like a TVA assessment please contact us to set up a
video conference session.




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