5 Easy to Follow Rules to be the Most Successful Personal Trainer in a Gym or Health Club

Business Class for Personal Trainers

I taught Personal Trainers’ ”Business Class” recently. What an opportunity to inspire trainers to the incredible opportunity we have in the coming decade. According to a recent NY Times article, titled ”A Jobs Boom Built on Sweat in an Age of Belt-Tightening,” personal training is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States. And what a change from just 10 years ago when personal training was not considered a ”profession!”

But the real trend of the future is ”Corrective Exercise,” the bridge between training and physical therapy. Any trainer that understands how to apply the ”Big 4Corrections/Imbalances” during his or her training sessions stands to set him or herself in the top 5% of all trainers worldwide. And I do not believe that this is an exaggeration.

5 Rules to Succeed as a Personal Trainer in the Corporate World

Teaching classes for upcoming trainers over the last 10 years has given me some incredible knowledge, feedback, and experience. I see who makes it and who doesn’t make it in the corporate gym setting. Knowing that only one of every three trainers in class will still be around after 3-4 months, here were the top five rules we discussed in the last Business Class:

  1. Live in the gym for the first 3-6 months. Offer to pick up other trainers’ floor shifts, and if that doesn’t work, start ”working the floor” for free. Know that you must expect to do this until the members have seen you so much that they trust you. Also, do not expect to work elsewhere at the same time. You cannot be part-time at your other job, and expect to make an impact at your new gym job.
  2. Make sure that your managers, the membership team, the front desk staff, the maintenance employees, and everyone that is in that gym knows who you are. Say hello every time you pass. Offer them one complimentary session. Become a happy self-marketer.
  3. Find a niche. If you are passionate about TRX or boxing or stretching, talk about it, make it your niche, and use it in every session to make you stand apart from other trainers.
  4. Love yourself, know yourself, be confident in your abilities, understand your weaknesses, and choose which to embrace and which to let go. Understand this incredible rule: there is a trainer for everyone and members for every trainer. The giggly blonde routine may not be your thing, but she will have clients. The anal number-counting trainer will also have clients-those that want the numbers counted. And so on. What kind of trainer are you? What kind of trainer do you want to be? Present that image over and over (six to twelve months) and watch as member begin to seek your training after they have seen you long enough to know that you are really sticking around.
  5. As one trainer put it, ”Shyness is not Leadership,” and if you want to inspire a member to train with you, be a leader. And don’t be afraid to “fake it until you make it.”

What Did the Personal Trainers Say About This Class?

And here were some of the inspirations that came from class:

“This Business Class has changed me & my outlook on my…life. I wish I had this class a month ago when I started. It put together all my tier 1 classes.
Coral Gables

“Better watch out because SHYNESS IS NOT LEADERSHIP and I can be a leader.”
-Jeff Thomas
Coral Gables Trainer

“James has inspired me. Honestly, I would like to have him teach other classes and also get to know him on a personal level and learn as much as possible from him.”
-Hamad Shirazi
Coral Gables Trainer

“Being my first class with…,I can honestly say James has set the bar high for the rest of the classes. He was very professional and inspirational, covered the course in entirety. James has a subtle way of removing fear/nervousness and engaging The Whole Class. All in all, I truly enjoyed this class and look forward to taking another class from him.”
-Abéku S. Wilson
Coral Gables Trainer

“I am very happy I cam to this class today. I learned a lot about myself and how to improve my business.”
-Angel Nicolas
Coral Gables Trainer

“I would certainly recommend this instructor. Both extremely knowledgeable & personable.”
-Derek Moore
South Beach Trainer

“James is the best instructor I’ve had.”
-Manny Escalona
Coral Gables Trainer

What did you enjoy most in this course? (Anonymous evaluations)
“The history and the honesty”
“Talking about each other and learning about different personalities”
“The discussion of Emotional vs Intellectual intelligence”
“Openness and outside the box approach, knowledge and honesty in succeeding in the field”
“The organization of the class. Course presentation by James. Honesty, friendly environment.”
“Breaking the ice”
“Learned about myself. Learned what it takes to be successful.”

Overall, how effective was James as an instructor? (anonymous evaluations)
“From 1-10, he was 10.”
“Extremely, had the ability to connect on different levels; professional & personal.”
“Very effective and inspirational, honest, but caring; all things you would appreciate from an instructor”
“James was excellent, can’t wait to take another class from him!”
“Great. Love James.”
“10 out of 10″

May you be successful,
James Goodlatte

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