Stability Ball Glute Bridges: Great Pregnancy Exercise


Today’s focus is on your glutes. Yes, we all want to have an amazing looking booty, even during pregnancy but, many people do not know your glutes should also be your major prime mover. We refer to this as hip loading, instead of knee or quad loading. When you learn to activate your glutes you will call upon them during your daily life and exercise routines.

Many women (and men) go through the day sitting a lot and this shuts your glutes off. The more you train your glutes not to work, by sitting, the less likely they will fire when needed, such as picking up your newborn baby. If your glutes are not firing, other muscles, tendons, and ligaments are doing the extra work, causing strain and tension. If you have ever had back pain or knee pain it can largely be blamed on the lack of hip loading, using your glutes.

You can start turning your glutes on with this simple exercise.

Next weeks exercise will go more in depth of hip loading!

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